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Genus Almaleea Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Faboideae

Description: Weak, erect to procumbent shrubs.

Leaves alternate, simple, entire, alternate, sometimes keeled abaxially; stipules minute and free.

Inflorescence a terminal head surrounded by involucre of leaves with enlarged bracteose bases; bracts persistent; outer bracts often 3-lobed; bracteoles entire, linear, attached to pedicel. Corolla orange-yellow with reddish markings. Standard longer than lower petals, slightly longer than wide; wing petals longer than keel. Stamens free. Ovary hairy to base; style hooked near apex; ovules 2, on short funicles.

Pod broad-ovoid; seeds arillate.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 5 species, endemic Australia. Australia: N.S.W., Qld, Vic., Tas.

The taxa in this genus were formerly included in Pultenaea and Dillwynia, but are more closely related to one another than to either of those genera.

Text by P. H. Weston & M. D. Crisp
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Standard c. 6 mm long; leaves with margins flat, tuberculate, ciliate when immatureAlmaleea paludosa
Standard more than 6 mm long; leaves with margins slightly incurved to involute, smooth and glabrous or whole lower surface surface tuberculate and sparsely pubescent when immature2
2Stems moderately to densely covered with antrorse to spreading hairs; bracteoles 3–5 mm long; leaves towards end of stems with incurved apicesAlmaleea incurvata
Stems glabrous to densely covered with appressed hairs; bracteoles 1–2.5 mm long; leaves not incurved
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3Leaves glabrous or rarely pubescent when young, not tuberculate, margins flat to slightly incurved or rarely involute; lower part of calyx tube glabrous or nearly soAlmaleea subumbellata
Leaves pubescent on lower surface when young, usually tuberculate on lower surface, margins moderately incurved to involute; lower part of calyx tube pubescent
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4Calyx lobes sparsely to moderately curly-pubescent (calyx epidermis clearly visible beneath)Almaleea capitata
Calyx lobes densely silky-villous (calyx epidermis scarcely visible beneath)
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Almaleea cambagei

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