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Genus Bulbine Family Asphodelaceae

Description: Perennial or annual herbs sometimes with a bulbous rhizome.

Leaves succulent, basal, linear, flat or channelled, tapering, base of leaves sheathing and membranous.

Inflorescence a raceme. Tepals almost equal, narrow-elliptic to ovate, free or almost so, yellow with red-brown to brown central stripe, outer whorl slightly darker than inner whorl. Stamens all or inner 3 only with a beard of clavate hairs at apex of filament; anthers usually dorsifixed. Ovules 2–8 per loculus; style simple; stigma entire or 3-lobed.

Capsule globose to broad-obovoid; seeds black, brown or silver-grey, smooth or with transverse ridges, with or without wings.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 50 species S. Africa & Australia. Australia: 5 species (endemic), all States.

Text by D. C. Godden
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Tepals more than 7 mm long; ovules 2–8 per loculus; seeds without wings2
Tepals 4–7 mm long; ovules 1 or 2 per loculus; seeds with or without wings4
2Scape terete or slightly angled; stamens more or less equal in length; seeds smooth to slightly ridged3
Scape sharply angular; stamens unequal in length, with inner 3 longest; seeds strongly ridged
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Bulbine vagans
3Usually with bulb; leaves slightly scabrid; scapes 1 or 2; stamens 8–9 mm long; anthers more or less basifixed; seeds brown to almost blackBulbine bulbosa
Without bulb, sometimes with rhizome; leaves glabrous; scapes 2 or more; stamens 5–8 mm long; anthers apparently dorsifixed; seeds silver-grey with black markings
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Bulbine glauca
4Seeds without wings; capsule 2–5 mm long; only 3 longest stamens with hairs at base of antherBulbine semibarbata
Seeds with wings; capsule 4–9 mm long; all stamens with hairs at base of anther
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Bulbine alata

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