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Genus Caesia Family Asphodelaceae

Description: Tufted perennial herbs, roots tuberous, or fleshy-fibrous or fibrous with or without tubers.

Leaves crowded at base of stem, linear.

Inflorescence paniculate; axis simple or branched, bracteate; lower bracts leaf-like, upper minute; flowers irregularly clustered, pedicellate. Tepals subequal, shortly fused, 3-veined, spirally twisted after flowering, ultimately falling, blue or rarely white. Stamens 6, attached to perianth basally; filaments ± slender, papillose, alternately long and short; anthers introrse, dehiscing by longitudinal slits. Ovules 2 per loculus; style filiform; stigma capitate, minute.

Fruit a capsule, ± 3-lobed, tardily dehiscent; seeds ± globose, black.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 11 species, southern Africa, New Guinea & Australia. Australia: 8 species (7 species endemic), all States.

Caesia is sometimes placed in the family Hemerocallidaceae.

Text by S. McCune & D. W. Hardin
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Inflorescence axis branched; lower branches subtended by leaf-like bracts more than 10 cm long2
Inflorescence axis unbranched, or if branched the lower branches subtended by leaf-like, linear or subulate bracts less than 10 cm long3
2Roots fleshy-fibrous, or slender and tuberous but without distinct distal tubers; seeds granulate with scattered tuberclesCaesia parviflora
Roots fleshy-fibrous with broadly fusiform tubers distally; seeds colliculate, often with irregularly scattered tubercles
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Caesia calliantha
3Inflorescence axis unbranched4
Inflorescence axis branched
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4Inflorescence spreading-decumbentCaesia alpina
Inflorescence erect or ascending
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Caesia calliantha
5Plant less than 10 cm high; tepals less than 5 mm long; seeds granulate without tubercles or pustulesCaesia alpina
Plant usually more than 15 cm high; tepals more than 5 mm long; seeds granulate and regularly tuberculate
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Caesia parviflora

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