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Genus Calotis Family Asteraceae

Description: Annual or perennial herbs or small shrubs.

Leaves cauline and/or basal, alternate, flat, margins usually toothed or lobed.

Inflorescence terminal or axillary, pedunculate, heads solitary or in cymes. Heads campanulate to ± globose; involucral bracts herbaceous with scarious margins, in several series; receptacle convex, small scales sometimes present. Ray florets ligulate, female, in 1 to many series. Disc florets yellow, tubular, bisexual but the ovary usually abortive.

Achenes flattened, cuneate, sometimes winged, glabrous or hairy; pappus of rigid, usually barbed awns, often alternating with scales, rarely absent.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 26 species, Australia & Asia. Australia: 24 species (endemic), all mainland States.

Text by J. Everett
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Calotis pubescens

 Key to the species 
1Pappus of scales alternating with rigid awns2
Pappus of awns only6
2Awns barbed towards apex, smooth at the base3
Awns densely barbed over whole length
                       Back to 1
3Faces of the achenes with a few minute tubercles; pappus scales broader than long4
Faces of the achenes densely tuberculate; pappus scales longer than broad
                       Back to 2
Calotis glandulosa
4Plants sparingly branched; leaves linear to oblanceolate; pappus scales lacerate towards apexCalotis dentex
Plants much-branched; leaves cuneate with basal auricles; pappus scales infolded towards apex
                       Back to 3
Calotis cuneifolia
5Heads appearing sessile; pappus awns erect, scales entire or slightly lobedCalotis squamigera
Heads on slender peduncles; pappus awns spreading, scales deeply dissected, often obscured by hairs
                       Back to 2
Calotis hispidula
6Achenes winged7
Achenes without wings
                       Back to 1
7Body of achenes hairy8
Body of achenes glabrous
                       Back to 6
8Awns stout and barbedCalotis porphyroglossa
Awns fine and plumose
                       Back to 7
Calotis plumulifera
9Achene wings very broad, anchor-shaped with long hairs on the margins; leaves mainly caulineCalotis ancyrocarpa
Achene wings narrow, glabrous; leaves in a basal rosette
                       Back to 7
Calotis anthemoides
10Awns fine, flexible and plumoseCalotis inermis
Awns stout and rigid
                       Back to 6
11Pappus awns 2–5, equal in length12
Pappus awns more than 4, unequal in length
                       Back to 10
12Leaves in a basal cluster; plant stoloniferous; pappus awns free at the baseCalotis scapigera
Leaves cauline; plant sometimes stoloniferous; pappus awns expanded and united at the base
                       Back to 11
13Body of the achene strongly tuberculate; plants hairy with septate hairs14
Body of the achene smooth; plants glabrous
                       Back to 12
Calotis erinacea
14Awns 2, diverging at right angles to the plane of the body, deeply ridged at the baseCalotis cymbacantha
Awns 3 or more, diverging at various angles to the plane of the body
                       Back to 13
Calotis moorei
15Major pappus awns 2, at right angles to the plane of the body; secondary awns 4–8 in 2 groups; body of the achene tuberculate and glabrousCalotis lappulacea
Major pappus awns 4 or more
                       Back to 11
16Non-stoloniferous herbs; basal leaves soon withering17
Stoloniferous herbs; basal leaves conspicuous, tufted or in a rosette
                       Back to 15
17Heads solitary; apex of the achenes flat18
Heads in a cymose panicle; apex of the achenes projecting as a hairy cone within the circle of the awns
                       Back to 16
Calotis latiuscula
18Plants glabrous; body of achenes smoothCalotis erinacea
Plants septate hairy; body of achenes tuberculate
                       Back to 17
Calotis moorei
19Awns in 1 ringCalotis scabiosifolia
Awns in 2 rings, the inner fine and plumose
                       Back to 16
Calotis cuneata

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