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Genus Chloanthes Family Lamiaceae

Description: Shrubs or subshrubs, tomentose.

Leaves sessile, decussate or in whorls of 3, bullate-wrinkled, decurrent.

Flowers axillary, solitary, zygomorphic, bisexual. Calyx deeply 5-lobed, persistent in fruit. Corolla tubular, tube elongated and usually curved and dilated upwards, 2-lipped or occasionally unequally 5-lobed; upper lip 2-lobed; lower lip 3-lobed; lower lobe rather larger than others. Stamens 4, ± in 2 unequal pairs, inserted below the middle of the corolla tube; filaments glabrous. Ovary 4-locular, each loculus with 1 ovule; style filiform, glabrous.

Fruit a dry 4-locular drupe, the endocarp usually separating into 2 hard 2-locular mericarps; seed solitary in each loculus, without endosperm.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 4 species, endemic Australia. Australia: Qld, N.S.W., W.A.

Text by B. J. Conn
Taxon concept: Munir (1977)

 Key to the species 
1Stamens and style included in corolla tube; lower corolla lip villous inside with a few sparse and short hairs running down into the tubeChloanthes parviflora
Stamens and style exserted from corolla tube; lower corolla lip glabrous inside2
2Leaves with margins scarcely recurved, usually 5–7 cm long and 5–11 mm wide, lower surface shortly hispidChloanthes glandulosa
Leaves with revolute margins, usually less than 5 cm long and less than 5 mm wide, lower surface woolly
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Chloanthes stoechadis

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