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Genus Conospermum Family Proteaceae

Description: Shrubs or subshrubs, with few to many branches.

Leaves alternate, often crowded, simple, margins entire, mostly tapering to base, ± sessile.

Inflorescences dense, spike-like, often forming corymbose panicles, usually on a long peduncle; each flower sessile within a persistent sheathing bract. Flowers zygomorphic. Perianth tubular, ± straight, limb unequally 4-lobed, upper lobe usually broad, the 3 lower narrower and spreading. Lower stamen abortive, the 2 lateral stamens imperfect and united at first with the upper perfect stamen; filaments thick. Hypogynous glands absent. Ovary sessile; ovule 1; style filiform, dilated above with a short lateral stigma.

Fruit a small nut, with a flat or concave top, crowned with a ring of long hairs, the sides covered with shorter hairs.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 53 spp., endemic Aust., Qld, N.S.W., Vic., Tas., S.A., W.A.

Text by D. Mackay
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Leaves less than 3 cm long2
Leaves more than 5 cm long4
2Leaves almost terete, less than 1 mm wideConospermum ericifolium
Leaves flat, sometimes twisted, more than 1 mm wide
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3Leaves 1–3 mm wide, usually twistedConospermum taxifolium
Leaves 3–8 mm wide, not twisted
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Conospermum ellipticum
4Leaves flat; erect or spreading shrubs; apices of tepals divergent at anthesis; perianth cream to white5
Mature leaves more or less terete, channelled above; procumbent shrub; apices of tepals convergent at anthesis; perianth bluish or lilac
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Conospermum tenuifolium
5Inflorescences many in the upper leaf axils, equal to or shorter than the leaves, peduncles to 10 cm long; perianth limb and perianth tube almost equal in length; leaves 4–10 mm wideConospermum burgessiorum
Inflorescences usually 1–4, subterminal, peduncles 10–40 cm long, mostly much longer than the leaves; perianth limb noticeably shorter than the perianth tube; leaves 1–30 mm wide
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Conospermum longifolium

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