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Genus Conyza Family Asteraceae

Description: Erect more or less pubescent herbs.

Leaves alternate, basal and cauline, entire or toothed.

Inflorescence of pedunculate heads in large terminal corymbs or panicles; heads hemispherical to campanulate becoming reflexed; involucral bracts linear to lanceolate, herbaceous with scarious margins, imbricate; receptacle naked, pitted, flat. Outer florets female, filiform or ligulate; ligules very short, white to pink or absent. Disc florets bisexual, few or many, tubular, usually yellow. Anthers obtuse at base. Style branches with terminal appendages.

Achenes flattened, with marginal ridges, glabrous or pubescent. Pappus of numerous capillary bristles.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 60 species, throughout temperate zones. Australia: 7 species (naturalized), all States.

Text by J. Everett: key updated by Louisa Murray June 2012
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Involucral bracts glabrous or almost so; heads usually 3–4 mm long2
Involucral bracts hairy; heads usually 4–12 mm long4
2Involucre cylindrical; involucral bracts narrow-oblong; outer florets with short but prominent white ligules, 1 or > 1 mm long3
Involucre subglobular; involucral bracts narrow-triangular; outer florets with inconspicuous ligules < 0.5 mm long
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Conyza bilbaoana
3Stems very hairy; leaf margins ciliate, involucral bracts with a few hairs and without purplish spot at apexConyza canadensis
3Stems not noticeably hairy; leaf margins with a few scattered cilia only at base; involucral bracts glabrous, usually with purplish spotConyza parva
4Heads 8–12 mm longConyza primulifolia
4Heads < 8 mm long, usually 4–6 mm long5
5Hairs on stems and involucral bracts rusty; hairs on leaves on both surfaces, minute, yellow, and glandularConyza leucantha
Hairs on stems hirsute with septate hairs; involucral bracts hirsute; leaves hispid with short antrorse hairs or leaves hispid with short antrorse hairs and long septate hairs present
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6Involucral bracts at least with a few long hairs at apex and when reflexed at maturity whitish on the inside; pappus white or pinkish; receptacle smooth pittedConyza bonariensis
Involucral bracts without long hairs at apex; pappus straw or golden; receptacle usually rough pitted
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Conyza sumatrensis

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