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Genus Gastrodia Family Orchidaceae

Synonyms: Demorchis D.L.Jones & M.A.Clem. APNI*

Description: Terrestrial saprophytic herbs, sympodial; shoots growing from a fleshy tuberous rhizome; roots absent [or present and fibrous].

Leaves scale-like.

Inflorescence racemose, mostly few–many-flowered, apparently terminal; flowers nodding or not resupinate [or resupinate]. Sepals and lateral petals fused for most of their length to form a 5-lobed tube. Sepals similar. Lateral petals narrower and shorter than sepals. Labellum free, attached to the tip of the column foot and bases of lateral sepals by a short claw; lamina 3- or 5-lobed [or not lobed], basally bearing 2 [or 3] longitudinal keels that coalesce near the middle, forming a series of irregularly thickened ridges that continue to near the tip [or variously ornamented]. Column lacking free filament and style; column wings fused to column, often expansive in upper half, narrow. Column foot shorter than column. Anther incumbent, cap-like. Pollinia 2, granular. Stigma entire, situated at the base of the column. Rostellum not prominent, ventral.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 35 species, India, Malesia, Australia, New Zealand. Australia: 7 species (6 species endemic), all States except N.T.

Text by P. H. Weston
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Gastrodia surcula

 Key to the species 
1Perianth tube 9–12 mm long with free sepal lobes 2–3 mm long; inflorescence 2–20-flowered; capsule 10–15 mm longGastrodia sesamoides
Perianth tube 15–20 mm long with free sepal lobes c. 5 mm long; inflorescence 5–75-flowered; capsule 25–30 mm longGastrodia procera

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