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Genus Geijera Family Rutaceae

Description: Shrubs or small to large trees, with simple hairs, unarmed.

Leaves alternate, simple, margins entire.

Inflorescences terminal or terminal and axillary in the upper axils, paniculate. Flowers bisexual, (4-)5- merous. Sepals connate at base or to c. 1/3 length. Petals valvate, free, not persistent in fruit. Stamens (4-)-5, free, divergent, opposite the sepals. Ovary (4-)5-locular, (4-)5-lobed; carpels lacking sterile apices; styles fused, arising terminally from carpels; stigma capitate, lobed; ovules 2 in each loculus.

Fruit of 1–5 cocci; cocci not transversely ridged, rounded; seeds held in dehiscing cocci by persistent funiculus, very shiny, blue-black.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 10 species, Australia, New Guinea, New Caledonia, Loyalty Is. Australia: 3 species (2 endemic), Qld, Vic., S.A., N.T., W.A.

Text by M. F. Duretto
Taxon concept: T.G. Hartley, Flora Australia 26 (2013)

 Key to the species 
1Leaves linear to linear-lanceolate, <1 cm wide, pendent.Geijera parviflora
Leaves broad-lanceolate to elliptic or ovate, >1 cm wide, not pendent.2
2Leaves with 5–8 pairs of main lateral veins; margins of petiole flat or slightly recurved; inflorescences very compact; petals imbricate.Geijera paniculata
Leaves with 10–24 pairs of main lateral veins; margins of petiole incurved and wing-like above; inflorescences loose; petals valvate.
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Geijera salicifolia

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