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Genus Goodenia Family Goodeniaceae

Synonyms: Goodenia latifolia APNI*

Description: Herbs or shrubs, glabrous, hairy or viscid.

Leaves basal or cauline with axillary hairs.

Flowers in thyrses, racemes, spikes or umbels or rarely solitary in axils of basal leaves; pedicels with or without bracteoles, sometimes articulate. Sepals free, 5. Corolla yellow to white or rarely pinkish mauve [or blue], sometimes auriculate, 2-lipped; lobes usually unequal, often with blunt enations or projections inside; anterior spur often conspicuous. Stamens free from each other, epigynous. Ovary inferior, incompletely 2-locular; indusium horizontal, usually with bristles on lips; ovules several.

Fruit a 2- or 4-valved capsule; seeds flat or compressed, winged or with a thickened rim, caruncle absent.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 170 species, Australia, New Guinea, Indon. & Philipp. Australia: c. 169 species (endemic), all States.

Text by R. C. Carolin
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Goodenia nocoleche,    Goodenia rosulata

 Key to the species 
1Corolla white or cream to very pale pink or mauveGoodenia calcarata
Corolla yellow, often with brown markings2
2Leaves decurrent into wings on stemGoodenia decurrens
Leaves not decurrent into wings on stem
                       Back to 1
3Flower stalks without bracteoles4
Flower stalks with bracteoles
                       Back to 2
4Indusium notched or style 2-fid5
Indusium and style entire
                       Back to 3
5Indusium notchedGoodenia pusilliflora
Style 2-fid
                       Back to 4
Goodenia berardiana
6Corolla wing above auricle distinctly narrower than others7
Corolla wings equal
                       Back to 4
7Plants stoloniferousGoodenia heteromera
Plants not stoloniferous
                       Back to 6
8Corolla glabrous outsideGoodenia pinnatifida
Corolla hairy outside
                       Back to 7
Goodenia elongata
9Hairs on outside of corolla coarse and closely appressed10
Hairs on outside of corolla spreading or absent
                       Back to 6
10Upper lip of indusium glabrous or nearly soGoodenia lunata
Upper lip of indusium with long white bristles
                       Back to 9
11Leaves glaucous; corolla pale yellowGoodenia glauca
Leaves not glaucous; corolla deep yellow
                       Back to 10
12Corolla up to 8 mm longGoodenia occidentalis
Corolla more than 8 mm long
                       Back to 11
Goodenia fascicularis
13Plants with mostly glandular hairs14
Plants with mostly simple hairs
                       Back to 9
14Leaves linear to lanceolateGoodenia havilandii
Leaves ovate to circular (bracteoles present but sometimes hidden in the axil)
                       Back to 13
Goodenia grandiflora
15Corolla with prominent spur longer than ovary; plants of drier western areasGoodenia cycloptera
Corolla pouch scarcely as long as ovary; plants of forests in south-east of State
                       Back to 13
Goodenia elongata
16Leaves with basal lobe on one side onlyGoodenia glabra
Leaves with basal lobes on both sides or none
                       Back to 3
17Flower apparently glabrous and viscid outside18
Flower hairy outside, rarely viscid and never varnished
                       Back to 16
18Leaves ovate, thinGoodenia ovata
Leaves narrow-ovate to linear, thick
                       Back to 17
Goodenia varia
19Flowers solitary in axils of basal leavesGoodenia willisiana
Flowers in racemes spikes or thyrses
                       Back to 17
20Bracts reduced, much smaller than leaves21
Bracts similar to leaves; leaves mostly cauline
                       Back to 19
21Leaves almost all basal22
Leaves mostly cauline
                       Back to 20
22Scapes up to one and a half times as long as leavesGoodenia humilis
Scapes more than one and a half times as long as leaves
                       Back to 21
23Indusium folded downwardsGoodenia gracilis
Indusium flat or concave
                       Back to 22
24Flowers sessile25
Flowers stalked
                       Back to 23
25Hairs on corolla simpleGoodenia bellidifolia
Hairs on corolla stellate
                       Back to 24
Goodenia stelligera
26Hairs on corolla stellateGoodenia dimorpha
Hairs on corolla simple or glandular
                       Back to 24
27Corolla less than 10 mm longGoodenia macbarronii
Corolla more than 10 mm long
                       Back to 26
Goodenia paniculata
28Flowers sessileGoodenia glomerata
Flowers stalked
                       Back to 21
Goodenia rostrivalvis
29Bracteoles inserted immediately below ovaryGoodenia rotundifolia
Bracteoles inserted well below ovary
                       Back to 20
30Hairs on flower cottony or webby31
Hairs on flower not cottony or webby, often glandular
                       Back to 29
31Lower leaves linear to narrow-ellipticGoodenia delicata
Lower leaves broader than narrow-elliptic
                       Back to 30
Goodenia hederacea
32Bracteoles attached close to base of flower stalkGoodenia grandiflora
Bracteoles attached almost half way from the base of flower stalk or higher
                       Back to 30
33Plants prostrateGoodenia fordiana
Plants erect or ascending
                       Back to 32
34Corolla pouch conspicuousGoodenia stephensonii
Corolla pouch inconspicuous
                       Back to 33
Goodenia heterophylla

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