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Genus Goodia Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Faboideae

Description: Shrubs.

Leaves alternate, 3-foliolate, petiolate; leaflets entire; stipules ovate, caducous.

Flowers in terminal or leaf-opposed racemes, each flower subtended by a single bract and a pair of bracteoles, all membranous, caducous. Calyx glabrous or pubescent, 2-lipped, upper 2 teeth united into a broad 2-toothed lip, lower 3 teeth narrow. Petals clawed; standard ± circular; wings narrow and longer than broad, incurved keel. Stamens monodelphous, sheath split on upper side. Ovary stipitate, 2–4-ovuled.

Pod long-stipitate, compressed, valves with thickened margins; seeds with a hooded aril.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 1–3 species, endemic Australia. Australia: all states except N.T.

Text by T. A. James
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Goodia macrocarpa,    Goodia pubescens

 Key to the species 
1Flowers 9–13 mm long in racemes c. 8 cm long; young stems more or less smooth, often pale, sometimes reddish to black with shallow longitudinal ridges, occasionally densely pubescent; pods mostly more than 20 mm long; coastal and tablelands speciesGoodia lotifolia
Flowers 8–9 mm long in racemes c. 5 cm long; young stems dark-reddish to black, warty, never densely pubescent; pods mostly less than 20 mm long; species of Slopes and plainsGoodia medicaginea

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