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Genus Haloragis Family Haloragaceae

Description: Annual or perennial herbs or subshrubs.

Leaves alternate or opposite, margins entire, regularly toothed or deeply lobed.

Inflorescences indeterminate, spike-like. Flowers mostly 4-merous, on short pedicels. Sepals and petals 2, 3 or 4. Stamens twice as many as the sepals; filaments short; anthers not apiculate. Ovary mostly 4-locular; styles equal in number to the loculi.

Fruit variable in shape, smooth, ribbed, winged or tuberculate.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 27 species, Australia & southern Pacific. Australia: 22 species, all States.

Text by Peter G. Wilson
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Margins of leaves entire or toothed2
Leaves variously lobed, pinnatifid, trifid or multifid with more or less palmate divisions8
2Leafy stems more or less square in cross section and distinctly 4-ribbed, leaves usually opposite until inflorescence3
Stems smooth to weakly 4-ribbed; leaves usually opposite only at the base of the plant
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3Ovary 4-locular, styles 44
Ovary 2-locular, styles 2
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Haloragis serra
4Leaves ± 5 mm wideHaloragis exalata
Leaves mostly 2–4 mm wide
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Haloragis stricta
5Robust subshrub to 1.2 metres; leaves > 16 mm wideHaloragis milesiae
Annual or perennial herb to 0.5 metres; leaves 10–15 mm wide
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6Leaves with a distinct petiole 5–15 mm longHaloragis odontocarpa
Leaves sessile or very shortly petiolate
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7Leaves and stems glaucous, glabrous or scabrous with curved hairsHaloragis glauca
Leaves and stems grey-green, scabrous with hooked hairs
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Haloragis aspera
8Leaves pinnatifidHaloragis aspera
Leaves below inflorescences trifid or multifid with more or less palmate divisions
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Haloragis heterophylla

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