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Genus Hieracium Family Asteraceae

Description: Herbs, perennial, rosette-forming. Stem usually solitary but plants often stoloniferous.

Rosette leaves petiolate or sessile, margin entire, deeply toothed, or rarely lobed.

Capitula solitary or corymbose. Involucre campanulate, or basally turbinate, mostly 9–12 mm diam. Florets numerous, yellow (rarely white).

Achenes mostly 2.5–5 mm long, ribbed; ribs joined at the apex in an obscure ring. Pappus white, off-white, dirty yellow, or pale yellowish brown, composed of scabrid bristles.

Distribution and occurrence: Natural distribution is mainly Europe and Temperate Asia, but also found in North and South America and northern Africa (especially mountains), A genus of c. 800 broadly defined species, but with over 5,000 named apomictic taxa (described as microspecies or subspecies). NSW: 1 species naturalised (for other species formerly included in this genus, see Pilosella)

Hawkweeds are highly invasive plants and are a major threat to biodiversity, conservation areas and native grasslands. HAWKWEEDS ARE DECLARED NOXIOUS and must be continuously suppressed and destroyed. If you find hawkweed or something similar in your area, contact your Council Weeds Officer or NSW Department of Primary Industries immediately. Two species of Hawkweeds previously accepted in Hieracium now have accepted names in Pilosella.

Text by Lawrence Mou; Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: Bremer, K. (1994)

One species in NSW: Hieracium murorum

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