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Genus Hypolepis Family Dennstaedtiaceae

Description: Rhizome long-creeping, slender, covered with brown or reddish, simple or sometimes glandular hairs.

Fronds erect, narrow- to broad-triangular, 2-pinnate or more compound, usually covered with short bristly or gland-tipped hairs.

Sori ± circular, marginal and terminal on a vein to submarginal and not quite terminal on a vein; indusium if present false, a reflexed or partially reflexed flap of the lamina at least partly covering marginal sori, or sometimes sori further from the margin and unprotected.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 40–45 species, chiefly tropical & southern temperate regions. Australia: 8 species, Qld, N.S.W., Vic., Tas.

Hypolepis distans has been transferred to the genus Hiya as Hiya distans and this transfer is accepted by Field (2020) but has not yet made its way into APC, and PlantNet is, for the moment, APC compliant.

Text by Peter G. Wilson, updated by Matt A.M. Renner (7 May 2020)
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Veins ending at the lamina margin in a distinct notchHypolepis distans
Veins either not reaching the lamina margin, or ending at the lamina margin at the apex of a tooth or lobe2
2Sori ± covered by an indusium: indusium obvious, false, at least partly colourless and membranous3
Sori partly covered by indusium or unprotected: indusium if present marginal, false and green or sori originating away from margin and unprotected (check immature sorus)
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3Glandular hairs abundant on frondHypolepis tenuifolia
Glandular hairs absent from frond
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Hypolepis elegans
4Secondary rachises bearing stiff, non-glandular, septate hairs that are usually curved towards the tip of the rachis; sori with short hairs amongst the sporangiaHypolepis muelleri
Secondary rachises bearing conspicuous, crisped hairs, some with glandular apices; sori lacking hairs
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5Stipes brown to orange; primary rachis brown, yellowish or orange-redHypolepis glandulifera
Stipes and rachises deep red-brown
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6Fronds with lamina broad-triangular, 35–115 cm long and 20–60 cm wide; rachises with few, coarse hairs and relatively large tuberclesHypolepis rugosula
Fronds with lamina narrow-triangular, 15–55 cm long and 10–35 cm wide; rachises with numerous, short hairs and small tubercles
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Hypolepis amaurorachis

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