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Genus Jasminum Family Oleaceae

Description: Shrubs or climbers.

Leaves opposite or rarely alternate, either 3-foliolate or 1-foliolate and appearing simple, glabrous to pubescent, margins entire.

Inflorescences axillary or terminal trichotomous panicles or cymes, or rarely flowers solitary. Flowers bisexual, heterostylous, usually sweetly fragrant. Calyx small, campanulate with usually 4 or 5 small ± triangular or filiform lobes. Corolla tube cylindrical, 4–10-lobed, white. Stamens 2, included in corolla tube. Ovary 2-locular, rounded or notched with the style arising from the notch; stigma minutely 2-lobed.

Fruit a berry, 2-lobed to the base or entire by the abortion of one carpel.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 300 species, tropical & subtropical regions, except North America. Australia: c. 8–10 species (5 or 6 species endemic), Qld, N.S.W., N.T., S.A., W.A.

Text by D. W. Hardin
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Jasminum didymum,    Jasminum mesnyi,    Jasminum polyanthum,    Jasminum racemosum

 Key to the species 
1Leaves simple or 1-foliolate2
Leaves 3-foliolate3
2Leaves ovate to lanceolate, more than 10 mm wide; petioles 5–10 mm long; fruit 10–12 mm long; style 10–13 mm longJasminum volubile
Leaves linear to narrow-elliptic, less than 10 mm wide; petioles 1–3 mm long; fruit 7–8 mm long; style 5–7 mm long
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Jasminum suavissimum
3Leaflets ovate, more than 8 mm wide, base obtuse, rounded or truncate; inflorescences usually 1–5-floweredJasminum singuliflorum
Leaflets linear to narrow-lanceolate, less than 6 mm wide, base attenuate into petiole; inflorescences 5–15-flowered
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Jasminum lineare

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