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Genus Leiocarpa Family Asteraceae

Description: Perennial herbs with variably woolly branches, produced into slender sparsely bracteate peduncles.

Leaves linear to oblong.

Involucre hemispherical to turbinate; bracts linear or linear-acuminate, scarious, herbaceous or cartilaginous, with a narrow scarious margin; stereome fenestrate; lamina pale brown, scarious, not radiating. Receptacle naked, convex or conical. Florets bisexual or the outer female; corolla tube slender below, narrow turbinate to campanulate above, shortly exceeding the bracts, usually yellow; lobes 5 (3 or 4 in female), smooth within. Anther tails long and firm. Style apex truncate to rounded.

Achene terete or somewhat compressed, 2–4 ribbed, not beaked; pericarp cartilaginous, striate, with scattered paired linear transparent cells among linear translucent cells, smooth ot sparsely glandular and with a few minute unicellular hairs. Pappus bristles linear to filiform, barbellate, persistent.


Distribution and occurrence: Endemic genus of ten species.

Text by Text by L.J. Murray and key modified by P.D. Hind. from Paul G. Wilson in Nuytsia 13(3):595-605 (2001)
Taxon concept: Paul G. Wilson (2001), Nuytsia 13(3):595-605.

 Key to the species 
1Erect plants, variably cottony or woolly; leaves mostly linear to oblong2
Sprawling villous plant; leaves obovate, papery, with sub-sessile globular glands and cottony hairs belowLeiocarpa serpens
2Claw of involucral bracts narrowly linear or narrowly oblong in inner bracts, of almost equal length in both inner and outer bracts3
Claw of involucral bracts linear to narrowly oblong or narrowly ovate, markedly shorter on outer bracts than on inner bracts
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3Lamina of inner involucral bracts broadly ovate; pappus bristles almost equal to corolla; older branches covered with a dense woolly indumentum that forms a silvery sheenLeiocarpa leptolepis
Lamina of inner involucral bracts slender-attenuate; pappus bristles two-thirds as long as the corolla, older branches cottony or glabrous
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Leiocarpa brevicompta
4Involucral bracts glabrous or minutely glandular-puberulous, cartilaginousLeiocarpa websteri
Involucral bracts variably cottony, scarious to herbaceous or cartilaginous. Involucre 5–10 mm high; pappus bristles c. 20 or less
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5Involucral bracts with upper half scarious and wrinkled, pale brown; female florets without pappusLeiocarpa semicalva
Involucral bracts cartilaginous or with a short scarious tip, not wrinkled, pale green; female florets with pappus
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6Involucre turbinate, achene glabrousLeiocarpa tomentosa
Involucre hemispherical; achene very sparsely puberulous
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Leiocarpa panaetioides

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