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Genus Leucochrysum Family Asteraceae

Description: Annual or perennial herbs.

Leaves alternate, cauline, crowded, entire.

Heads solitary on slender peduncles; heads hemispherical; involucral bracts multiseriate, stiff and scarious, the inner with white or coloured radiating laminas and slender terete stipes; receptacle flat, glabrous, naked. Florets numerous, bisexual. Corollas tubular below, narrow-campanulate above, actinomorphic. Anthers with firm filiform tails. Styles with apex deltoid.

Achenes ellipsoid, 2–3 mm high, glabrous, with translucent warty pericarp; pappus of several plumose bristles, persistent but eventually breaking shortly above base.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 6 species, endemic Australia. Australia: all States.

Text by Paul G. Wilson
Taxon concept: Key and some species information updated Sep 2016 by Louisa Murray based on R.J. Dennis and N.G. Walsh (2010) A revision of the Leucochrysum albicans (Asteraceae: Gnaphalieae) complex. Muelleria Vol 28(2): 122-135.

 Key to the species 
1Leaves spathulate to broad-obovate, densely woolly; margin flat; apex lacking an obvious mucro or callus tip; inner involucral bracts lanceolate to ovate, white, outer involucral bracts purplish to brown (especially apparent in early stages of capitulum development)Leucochrysum alpinum
Leaves obovate to filiform, cobwebbed to cottony or glabrescent; margin gently recurved to tightly revolute, apex with short glabrous mucro or callus tip. Inner involucral bracts suborbicular to broad-ovate or ovate, lanceolate to elliptic, white or yellow2
2Annual herb; leaves lightly cobwebbed, obovate to oblancolate; inner involucral bracts suborbicular to broadly ovate, rounded or truncate at base of lamina, yellowLeucochrysum molle
Perennial (although sometimes short-lived); leaves cottony or glabrescent, obovate to oblanceolate or linear to filiform; inner involucral bracts obovate to ovate to lanceolate, white or yellow
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3Leaves filiform, glabrescent; margin tightly revolute; involucral bracts narrow-ellipticLeucochrysum graminifolium
Leaves obovate to oblanceolate or linear, cottony; margin recurved to revolute; inner involucral bracts ovate to lanceolate, white or yellow
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Leucochrysum albicans

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