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Genus Lupinus Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Faboideae
Common Name: Garden Lupin

Description: Annual or perennial herbs, rarely shrubs.

Leaves alternate, usually palmately compound with 5–13 leaflets; petiolate; stipules fused to petiole; stipels absent.

Inflorescence of terminal pedunculate racemes, flowers pedicellate; bracts caducous; bracteoles usually fused to calyx base. Calyx deeply 2-lipped, upper lip 2-toothed to entire, lower lip entire or shallowly 2- or 3-toothed. Standard ± circular, ovate or oblong, equal to wings and keel; wings connate at apex, enveloping the keel; keel incurved, apex dark, beaked. Stamens monodelphous; anthers alternately long and basifixed and short and dorsifixed. Ovary sessile; ovules 2 or more; style glabrous, incurved.

Pod oblong, 2-valved, dehiscent, ± flat, ± constricted between seeds, hairy, beak ± filiform; seeds 2–12, hilum sunken, aril not present.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 150–200 species, Mediterranean, southern Europe, North & South America & Africa. Australia: 6 species (naturalized).

Text by C. Gardner & L. Murray
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Leaflets glabrous above and scarcely silky to densely silky below.2
Leaflets hairy on both surfaces.3
2Leaflets 5–9; raceme 5–20 cm long.Lupinus angustifolius
Leaflets 9–17; raceme 20–60 cm long.
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Lupinus polyphyllus
3Flowers bright yellow, strongly scented; seeds smooth; stipules dimorphic, those of lower leaves subulate, c. 8 mm long, those of upper leaves narrow-obovate or oblanceolate, 12–25 mm long.Lupinus luteus
Flowers mostly blue, scarcely scented; seeds rough; stipules not dimorphic, mostly subulate c. 8 mm long.
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4Stem hairs ≤1 mm long; pedicels 2–4 mm long; seeds 6–9 mm diam.Lupinus cosentinii
Stem hairs 2–4 mm long; pedicels 5–9 mm long; seeds 10–14 mm diam.
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Lupinus pilosus

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