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Genus Millotia Family Asteraceae

Description: Small annual herbs, low-growing, with short glandular and/or dense non-glandular hairs.

Leaves mostly cauline and upper alternate, entire.

Heads terminal, solitary, sessile to pedunculate; involucral bracts 1- or 2-seriate, herbaceous with scarious margins; receptacle flat, pitted, scales absent. Florets all tubular, bisexual, fertile, 3–5-toothed, outer strongly decurved and overhanging involucre. Corollas narrow-cylindric to funnel-shaped, glandular or tomentose. Anthers shortly ciliate-tailed, terminal appendages acute. Style branches linear, flattened, conical or subulate papillose apices.

Achenes narrow-cylindrical, beak straight or curved, striate, papillate; pappus of short bristles or scales or absent.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 10 species, endemic Australia. Australia: all states except N.T. [includes Toxanthes]

Text by E. A. Brown
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Involucral bracts 6–18; achenes with beak straight; pappus present3
Involucral bracts 3–5; achenes with beak more or less curved; pappus absent or reduced to scales2
2Flowers cream or purple; involucral bracts with a dense indumentum of stalked glandular hairs, if cottony hairs present then not obscuring bract surfaceMillotia muelleri
2Flowers white turning pink; involucral bracts with a dense indumentum of cottony hairs which obsure the bract surface; stalked glandular hairs also presentMillotia perpusilla
3Corollas with 5 (rarely 4) acute lobes more than 0.5 mm; connective apices of anthers exserted beyond corolla tube at anthesis4
Corollas with 3 to 4 (rarely 5) more or less obtuse lobes less than 0.5 mm long; connective apices of anthers enclosed or only slightly protruding beyond corolla tube at anthesis
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4Achenes with clavate papillae (with 2 minute projections at tip); pappus bristles as long as corolla; involucral bracts more or less apiculate; corollas white to creamy-yellowMillotia myosotidifolia
Achenes with short rounded or conical papillae; pappus bristles more or less a third as long as corolla; involucral bracts acute, more or less fimbriate; corollas yellow
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Millotia greevesii
5Indumentum of woolly and pale golden glandular hairs; beaks of achenes more or less level with involucre at maturity; corolla lobes more or less erect at anthesis; pappus bristles barbellateMillotia tenuifolia
Indumentum of dense woolly hairs only; beaks of achenes protruding c. 2–3 mm above involucre at maturity; corolla lobes more or less spreading at anthesis; pappus bristles semiplumose
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Millotia macrocarpa

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