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Genus Mirbelia Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Faboideae

Description: Shrubs.

Leaves alternate, opposite or often irregularly whorled, simple, entire or with pungent-pointed lobes, margins recurved or revolute; petiole very short; stipules small, bristly, minute or absent.

Inflorescence of axillary or terminal racemes or flowers solitary; flowers sessile or shortly pedunculate; bracts and bracteoles small or absent. Petals clawed; standard circular reniform, emarginate or entire, longer than lower petals; wings oblong; keel broader than the wings and shorter or rarely the same length. Stamens free; anthers uniform. Ovary sessile or stipitate; ovules 2–10 or more; style usually short, incurved; stigma terminal, capitate.

Pod ovoid or oblong, turgid, divided longitudinally into 2 locules by a false septum projecting into the cavity from the lower suture and overlapped by or fused with the projecting placentas; seeds without an aril.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 20 species, endemic Australia. Australia: Qld, N.S.W., Vic., N.T., W.A.

Text by M. F. Porteners
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Leaves 2–10 mm long, apex with a minute, recurved pointMirbelia oxylobioides
Leaves mostly 10–40 mm long, if less then leaves linear, apex more or less pungent-pointed2
2Leaves narrow-ovate to ovate, 5–15 mm wideMirbelia platylobioides
Leaves linear, occasionally oblong or narrow-ovate, 1–5 mm wide
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3Upper surface of leaves conspicuously reticulateMirbelia rubiifolia
Upper surface of leaves scarcely reticulate, smooth or tuberculate
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4Flowers in terminal racemes or in upper axils; leaves 1.5–3 mm wideMirbelia confertiflora
Flowers axillary, often solitary; leaves c. 1 mm wide
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5Calyx teeth more or less equal to tube; corolla bluish purple; erect shrub to c. 1 m highMirbelia speciosa
Calyx teeth shorter than tube; corolla orange-yellow or orange-red with blue or purple markings; erect or prostrate shrub to 0.5 m high
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6Flowers 5–7 mm long; pods c. 3 mm longMirbelia pungens
Flowers 8–15 mm long; pods c. 6 mm long
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Mirbelia baueri

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