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Genus Primula Family Primulaceae

Description: Perennial or rarely annual herb, mainly rhizomatous; sometimes with poorly developed rhizomes and short lived (e.g. Primula malacoides).

Leaves usually crowded in basal rosettes, simple; lamina linear, broadly lanceolate, oblanceolate, oblong-obovate, rhombic or elliptic to cuneate or spatulate, glabrous or sometimes hairy, base tapered, rounded and abruptly narrowed or cordate, margins entire or variously incised or lobed (e.g. dentate, denticulate, toothed, scalloped), apex acute, obtuse or rounded; petiole often absent or obscure, often winged.

Flowering stems (scape) with successive whorls or a single umbel of flowers, sometimes the flowers crowded into a terminal head (capitate) or a short spike; rarely flowers emerge singly or in small clusters from among the leaves on a short stalk. Flowers 5-merous, often heterostylous, sometimes homostylous. Corolla campanulate or tubular, opening abruptly into a funnel to flat disc with 5 petals that are often notched at apex, the lobes 1–2 times the length of the tube; sepals 5; stamens 5, included; ovary superior.

Capsules globose, cylindric or ellipsoid, valvate, dehiscent; seeds numerous.

Photo S. Goodwin

Photo J. Plaza

Photo J. Plaza

Distribution and occurrence: c. 500 species, mostly temperate regions of the northern hemisphere; North America to South America, Eurasia, Africa (Ethiopia); a concentration of species in China and the Himalayas; also on high mountains in the tropics, extending as far south as Papua New Guinea. Widely cultivated with many cultivars. Australia: 1 species naturalised in New South Wales.

Text by P.G. Kodela, March 2017
Taxon concept: Australian Plant Census (accessed March 2017)

One species in NSW: Primula malacoides

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