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Genus Rorippa Family Brassicaceae

Description: Annual, biennial or perennial herbs, usually glabrous, some aquatic.

Leaves simple to pinnate.

Flowers in racemes. Sepals dimorphic, inner pair saccate. Stamens usually 6, sometimes 4. Stigma 2-lobed to capitate.

Siliqua generally linear, beakless; valves convex, the midvein ± inconspicuous; seeds usually in 2 rows per loculus, sometimes mucilaginous when wet, testa reticulate or spongy.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 70 species, cosmopolitan. Australia: 7 species (4 species endemic, 3 species naturalized), all States.

The genus Nasturtium has sometimes been included in Rorippa (see note on Nasturtium pages for details). The key below includes species of Nasturtium which were, until recently, included in Rorippa in NSW Flora Online. K.L.Gibbons, 21 Feb. 2020.

Text by L. Retter & G.J. Harden, Flora of New South Wales Vol. 1: 478-480 (1990)
Taxon concept: Australian Plant Census (accessed May 2017)

 Key to the species 
1Petals yellow; siliqua more or less inflated, less than 10 mm longRorippa palustris
Petals white; siliqua not inflated, more than 10 mm long2
2Plants stoloniferous, aquatic to semiaquatic3
Plants with a taproot, not aquatic, though sometimes growing in damp sites
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3Seeds in 1 row per loculus, testa with c. 100 depressions per face; siliqua 15–30 mm longNasturtium microphyllum
Seeds in 2 rows per loculus, testa with 25–50 depressions per face; siliqua 10–18 mm long
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Nasturtium officinale
4All or at least lower leaves not lobed, margins entire or toothedRorippa gigantea
At least lower leaves deeply lobed, pinnatifid or pinnatisect
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5Stamens 6; testa reticulate or tuberculateRorippa dictyosperma
Stamens 4; testa spongy
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6Seeds rounded, in 2 rows, less than 0.75 mm longRorippa eustylis
Seeds slightly winged, in 1 row, more than 0.75 mm long
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Rorippa laciniata

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