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Genus Senna Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Caesalpinioideae

Description: Shrubs, subshrubs or herbs, unarmed; root nodules absent.

Leaves alternate, paripinnate or reduced to phyllodes; leaflets 1–16 pairs, terete to linear or obovate, rachis usually with glands present; petiole terete or laterally compressed.

Inflorescences axillary, racemose. Sepals 5, subequal, green or yellowish. Petals 5, subequal or not, clawed, yellow or golden. Stamens 10; anthers basifixed, bilaterally symmetric, all equal or 2 or 3 lower longer than the rest; filaments subequal or 2 or 3 lower ones slightly longer, or much longer and C-curved.

Pods variable, either flat or cylindrical and dehiscent [or woody and indehiscent].

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 350 spp., widespread in S Amer., S Afr. & Aust., less common in N Amer., northern Afr. & Asia. Aust.: 46 spp. (33 spp. endemic) and 13 'form taxa' (all endemic), mainland States.

Text by B. Wiecek
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Senna circinnata

 Key to the species 
1Leaflets 3–15 pairs2
1Leaflets 16–37 pairsSenna multijuga
2Leaves terete and silvery in colourSenna artemisioides group
Leaves not terete and not silvery
                       Back to 1
3Gland(s) located at or near the base of the petiole4
Glands located between leaflet pairs or absent
                       Back to 2
4Peduncles <6 mm long, pods >9 cm longSenna occidentalis
Peduncles >9 mm long, pods <9 cm long
                       Back to 3
5Gland on petiole erect, higher than broadSenna clavigera
Gland on petiole broader than high
                       Back to 4
Senna barclayana
6Glands absent from leaves or inconspicuous beneath thick indumentum7
Leaves with glands between leaflet pairs
                       Back to 3
7Floral bracts dark brown or black, persistentSenna didymobotrya
Floral bracts pale or green, caducous
                       Back to 6
8Plant pubescent except for inner flower parts; leaf glands present but small and inconspicuous below dense indumentumSenna notabilis
Plant glabrous; glands on leaves absent
                       Back to 7
Senna pleurocarpa
9Flowers with only 6 or 7 anthers fertile (3 upper always reduced or absent), of 2 or 3 different sizes, sometimes beaked; pods cylindrical10
Flowers with all 10 anthers fertile, sub-equal, truncate; pods flat
                       Back to 6
10Gland 1 between basal pair of leafletsSenna pendula
Glands 2–4, between the lower pairs of leaflets
                       Back to 9
11Leaves pubescent, leaflets 6–8 pairs, leaflets acute and mucronateSenna multiglandulosa
Leaves glabrous, leaflets 4–5 pairs, leaflets with an acuminate apex
                       Back to 10
Senna septemtrionalis
12Petals greater than or equal to 11 mm long; seeds glossy or dull13
Petals <11 mm long; seeds dull or rarely lustrous
                       Back to 9
Senna phyllodinea
13Petals pubescent on the outer surface; stipules broadly falcate, persistent; whole plant ± pruinose; pod without ridges on the inner faces of the valvesSenna glutinosa
Petals glabrous on the outer surface, stipules acicular, caducous, plant never pruinose; pod with ridges on the inner faces of the valves
                       Back to 12
14Petioles 20–40 mm long, leaflet pairs c. 15 mm apart on the rachis.Senna acclinis
Petioles 2–15 mm long, leaflet pairs <11 mm apart on the rachis
                       Back to 13
15Peduncles 1–3 cm long; glands only between the lowermost 1 or 2 pairs of leafletsSenna coronilloides
Peduncles 2–9 cm long; glands between all pairs of leaflets
                       Back to 14
16Petioles mostly less than 5 mm long; leaflets linear to narrow-elliptic, usually revolute at the margins, 1–4 mm wide, usually pubescentSenna aciphylla
Petioles more than 5 mm long; leaflets lanceolate to elliptic, rarely slightly recurved at the margins, 5–10 mm wide; not obviously pubescent, sometimes sparsely hairy
                       Back to 15
Senna barronfieldii

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