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Genus Solanum Family Solanaceae

Synonyms: Lycopersicon APNI*
Cyphomandra APNI*

Description: Annual or perennial herbs, shrubs or small trees, sometimes trailing or climbing, hairy with glandular or simple or stellate to bristly non-glandular hairs, rarely glabrous; prickles present or absent.

Leaves usually alternate, sometimes paired, simple or pinnate, margins entire or lobed, petiolate.

Inflorescences cyme-like, often becoming raceme-like, subumbellate or panicle-like, terminal, lateral, axillary, extra-axillary or leaf-opposed. Flowers usually bisexual, actinomorphic or slightly zygomorphic. Calyx campanulate, rotate or cup-shaped, usually 5-lobed. Corolla stellate and deeply incised to rotate, rarely campanulate, purple, blue, white or yellow, usually 5-lobed. Stamens 5, usually equal, inserted in throat of corolla; anthers 2-locular, basifixed, cohering and cone-like around style or not cohering, dehiscing by terminal pores or slits. Ovary mostly 2-locular; stigma terminal, capitate or bifid.

Fruit a succulent or bony berry, ± globose. Occurs in all habitats except alpine, aquatic and saline. Many occur as weeds. Cosmopolitan.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 1500 species, Central & South America, Africa, Australia. Australia: 117 species (87 species endemic), all States.

Text by B. J. Conn
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Solanum abutiloides,    Solanum acanthodapis,    Solanum amblymerum,    Solanum ammophilum,    Solanum armourense,    Solanum bauerianum,    Solanum betaceum,    Solanum callosum,    Solanum celatum,    Solanum chrysotrichum,    Solanum curvicuspe,    Solanum ditrichum,    Solanum eremophilum,    Solanum hapalum,    Solanum jucundum,    Solanum laxum,    Solanum limitare,    Solanum lithophilum,    Solanum lycopersicum,    Solanum mitchellianum,    Solanum neoanglicum,    Solanum nobile,    Solanum rixosum,    Solanum sarrachoides,    Solanum semiarmatum,    Solanum serpens,    Solanum shirleyanum,    Solanum silvestre,    Solanum stenopterum,    Solanum sulphureum,    Solanum torvum,    Solanum viarum,    Solanum vicinum

 Key to the species 
1Prickles absent2
Prickles present25
2Climbing or sprawling herbs and shrubs3
Herbs, shrubs or small trees, usually erect, never climbing
                       Back to 1
3Anthers dehiscing by terminal pores only4
Anthers dehiscing by terminal pores and lateral slits
                       Back to 2
4Leaves 3-lobed, lobes entire; berry yellow-green, 4–5 mm diam.; branches frequently rooting at nodesSolanum radicans
Leaves 7–9-lobed, lobes toothed; berry marbled whitish green, 8–12 mm diam.; branches not rooting at nodes
                       Back to 3
Solanum triflorum
5Leaves entire (juvenile leaves deeply lobed); berry 7–9 mm diam.; seeds glabrousSolanum jasminoides
Leaves usually 3–9-lobed; berry 10–12 mm diam.; seeds hairy
                       Back to 3
Solanum seaforthianum
6Corolla white or white with a purple tinge and yellow-green centre7
Corolla pale blue, blue-violet, violet to deep purple-blue
                       Back to 2
7Calyx 1–3.5 mm long8
Calyx 4–5 mm long
                       Back to 6
8Shrubs to 3 m high; leaves glabrous except for tufts of hairs in axils of veins on lower surface; berry bright orange-yellowSolanum spirale
Soft-wooded annual or short-lived perennial herbs, usually less than 1 m high; leaves glabrous or with hairs not restricted to vein axils; berry purple-black, green or reddish
                       Back to 7
9Mature berry black or red10
Mature berry green
                       Back to 8
10Fruiting peduncle sharply deflexed from its baseSolanum chenopodioides
Fruiting peduncle erect ascending or curved downwards
                       Back to 9
11Mature berry shiny; seeds usually more than 40 per fruit, 1–1.5 mm longSolanum americanum
Mature berry dull; seeds usually 20–35 per fruit, 1.8–2.2 mm long
                       Back to 10
Solanum nigrum
12Indumentum of glandular hairs; calyx lobes 2–4 mm long and 2–5 mm wide in fruit; berry 5–8 mm diamSolanum physalifolium
Indumentum predominantly of non-glandular hairs; calyx lobes 1–2.5 mm long and less than 2 mm wide in fruit; berry 8–10 mm diam
                       Back to 9
Solanum opacum
13Petioles 1–10 cm long; inflorescences branched, many-flowered; peduncle to first fork 3–8 cm long; berry dull yellow; densely and softly hairy, with hairs stellate to bristlySolanum erianthum
Petioles 0.5–1.5 cm long; inflorescences unbranched, short, 1–few-flowered; peduncle 0–1 cm long; berry bright orange-red; glabrous or sparsely hairy with hairs simple or branched but not stellate
                       Back to 7
Solanum pseudocapsicum
14Leaves with 1 or 2 small sessile stipule-like leaves at base of petioleSolanum mauritianum
Leaves lacking additional small stipule-like leaves
                       Back to 6
15Entire leaves usually more than 10 times long as broad (undulate to lobed leaves also present)16
Entire leaves 2–8 times long as broad (usually with undulate to lobed leaves also present)
                       Back to 14
16Fruiting pedicels mostly less than 3 cm long; berry 15–20 mm diam., ochre-yellow with purple markingsSolanum linearifolium
Fruiting pedicels mostly 3–5 cm long; berry 20–25 mm diam., greenish ivory
                       Back to 15
Solanum vescum
17Lobed leaves deeply lobed; corolla 20–30 mm diam.; berry green or tinged purpleSolanum simile
Lobed leaves undulate to shallowly lobed or all leaves entire; corolla 15–40 mm diam.; berry white, greenish white, yellowish, bright red to brownish black
                       Back to 15
18Plant hairy, often densely so, with stellate hairs19
Plant glabrous except for minute glandular hairs on young points, corolla apices and buds
                       Back to 17
19Berry bright red, 5–8 mm diam20
Berry white, greenish white, yellowish or brown-black, 10–20 mm diam
                       Back to 18
20Leaves 6–9 cm long, 3–5 cm wide; petioles more than 1 cm longSolanum densevestitum
Leaves 3–6 cm long, 1.5–2.5 cm wide; petioles less than 1 cm long
                       Back to 19
Solanum nemophilum
21Leaves with upper surface sparsely hairy or glabrous22
Leaves with upper surface densely hairy
                       Back to 19
22Leaves lanceolate, with lower surface woolly; berry 15–20 mm diamSolanum brownii
Leaves more or less oblong, with lower surface densely hairy, but not woolly; berry 10–15 mm diam
                       Back to 21
Solanum tetrathecum
23Berry dry, yellow maturing to brownSolanum sturtianum
Berry succulent, yellow to light yellow-brown
                       Back to 21
Solanum esuriale
24Corolla lobes acute; berry orange-red to scarletSolanum aviculare
Corolla lobes notched; berry orange-yellow
                       Back to 18
Solanum laciniatum
25Hairs predominately simple or glandular, or hairs absent26
Hairs predominately stellate
                       Back to 1
26Corolla stellate and deeply incised; leaves broad-ovate; berry 20–35 mm diam., bright orange-redSolanum capsicoides
Corolla campanulate, stellate and shallowly incised, or rotate; leaves ovate or elliptic; berry 10–25 mm diam., usually green, yellow or white
                       Back to 25
27Fruiting calyx largely enclosing berry, sometimes splittingSolanum hystrix
Fruiting calyx not enclosing berry
                       Back to 26
28Leaves glabrous or very sparsely hairy, with lobes cut to more than two-thirds of the way to midveinSolanum papaverifolium
Leaves hairy, with lobes cut less than two-thirds of the way to midvein
                       Back to 27
Solanum adenophorum
29Fruiting calyx surrounding or enclosing at least three-quarters of berry30
Fruiting calyx not surrounding berry
                       Back to 25
30Berry mostly enclosed in or surrounded by lobes of persistent calyx31
Berry mostly enclosed in enlarged calyx tube
                       Back to 29
31Berry red32
Berry green, yellow or white
                       Back to 30
32Leaves lobed, lower lobes often forming leaflets; corolla white or pale blue; berry 15–20 mm diam.; fruiting calyx pricklySolanum sisymbriifolium
Leaves entire or almost so when mature, juvenile leaves shallowly lobed; corolla violet or purple; berry 5–8 mm diam.; fruiting calyx not prickly
                       Back to 31
Solanum densevestitum
33Glandular and stellate hairs present on all partsSolanum campanulatum
Glandular hairs absent or confined to calyx
                       Back to 31
Solanum petrophilum
34Flowers yellow, zygomorphic; berry erect, dry and paperySolanum rostratum
Flowers purple, actinomorphic; berry usually pendent, not dry and papery
                       Back to 30
Solanum karsense
35Berry red, orange-red or blackish red, never brownish36
Berry green, whitish, yellow or purple, often drying to yellow- or orange-brown, brown or black
                       Back to 29
36Leaves entire sometimes sinuate (in Solanum elegans), if basal lobes present, then linear37
Leaves lobed, at least in part, and broad, never linear
                       Back to 35
37Leaves linear to lanceolate, 0.2–2 cm wide38
Leaves ovate, broad-ovate or elliptic, 1–14 cm wide
                       Back to 36
38Leaves concolorous or slightly discolorous, usually prickly, often with 2 basal lobesSolanum ferocissimum
Leaves distinctly discolorous, with few or no prickles, rarely with basal lobes
                       Back to 37
39Corolla deeply stellate, 10–15 mm diam.; berry 5–8 mm diamSolanum parvifolium
Corolla shallowly stellate, 25–30 mm diam.; berry 10–15 mm diam
                       Back to 38
Solanum elegans
40Leaves distinctly discolorous, sparsely hairy on upper surfaceSolanum stelligerum
Leaves slightly discolorous, densely hairy on upper surface
                       Back to 37
Solanum nemophilum
41Corolla 10–20 mm diam42
Corolla 25–35 mm diam
                       Back to 36
42Branches with scattered pricklesSolanum chenopodinum
Branches densely to moderately prickly
                       Back to 41
43Plant hairs with stellate and minutely glandular hairs; upper leaf surface sparsely hairy; corolla bluish purple; seeds pale brownSolanum stelligerum
Plant hairy with stellate hairs only; upper leaf surface glabrous or with hairs confined to veins; corolla white or violet; seeds pale yellow or pale orange
                       Back to 42
Solanum corifolium
44Pedicels and calyx with stellate hairs onlySolanum elegans
Pedicels and calyx with stellate, simple and glandular hairs
                       Back to 41
Solanum inaequilaterum
45Leaves distinctly lobed usually at least 1/4 way to midvein46
Leaves entire or shallowly lobed
                       Back to 35
46Hairs dense to moderately dense on upper leaf surfaceSolanum adenophorum
Hairs sparse on upper leaf surface
                       Back to 45
47Anthers 2–2.5 mm longSolanum prinophyllum
Anthers 3–6 mm long
                       Back to 46
48Leaves concolorous or slightly discolorous; berry 20–30 mm diam49
Leaves usually distinctly discolorous; berry 10–25 mm diam
                       Back to 47
49Berry yellow; inflorescence a 1–3-flowered clusterSolanum pungetium
Berry yellow, maturing to brown or black; inflorescence a 1–6-flowered raceme
                       Back to 48
Solanum linnaeanum
50Prickles bright red or orange-red; flowering calyx lobes 1–2 mm long; berry 10–15 mm diamSolanum lacunarium
Prickles pale yellow or pale orange; flowering calyx lobes 2.5–5 mm long; berry 15–25 mm diam
                       Back to 48
51Lower leaf surface densely woolly; flowering calyx lobes triangularSolanum brownii
Lower leaf surface densely hairy, not woolly; flowering calyx lobes usually linear
                       Back to 50
Solanum cinereum
52Leaves broad-ovate, 0.8–2 cm longSolanum oligacanthum
Leaves oblong to narrow-ovate, ovate or elliptic (juvenile leaves of Solanum furfuraceum broad-ovate, to 17 cm long and to 12 cm wide), mostly more than 2 cm long
                       Back to 45
53Leaves shallowly lobed54
Leaves entire and usually slightly undulate, or sinuate
                       Back to 52
54Leaves with upper surface sparsely hairy, often distinctly discolorous55
Leaves with upper surface densely hairy, concolorous or slightly discolorous
                       Back to 53
55Lower leaf surface densely woolly, hairs pale yellow or pale green; seeds 2.5–3.5 mm long; leaves usually narrow-ovateSolanum brownii
Lower leaf surface moderately woolly or not woolly, hairs bright yellow or rusty; seeds 1.5–2 mm long; leaves usually broad-ovate
                       Back to 54
Solanum furfuraceum
56Prickles usually red; leaves silvery green; flowering peduncle ± 10 mm long; anthers 5–8 mm longSolanum elaeagnifolium
Prickles never red; leaves grey-green or pale green, occasionally rusty-green; flowering peduncle 5–40 mm long; anthers 2.5–5 mm long
                       Back to 54
57Leaves 1–4 cm wide; corolla 10–15 mm diam., pale lavender, often remaining closed; anthers 2.5–3 mm longSolanum cleistogamum
Leaves 0.5–1.5 cm wide; corolla 15–25 mm diam., purple; anthers 4–5 mm long
                       Back to 56
Solanum esuriale
58Upper leaf surface sparsely hairy or glabrous59
Upper leaf surface densely hairy
                       Back to 53
59Leaves ovate to elliptic, less than 2.5 times long as broadSolanum furfuraceum
Leaves oblong or narrow-ovate, more than 2.5 times long as broad
                       Back to 58
60Leaves narrow-ovate, with lower surface woolly; berry 15–20 mm diamSolanum brownii
Leaves more or less oblong, with lower surface not woolly; berry 10–15 mm diam
                       Back to 59
Solanum tetrathecum
61Berry dry, yellow maturing to brown-blackSolanum sturtianum
Berry bony or succulent, yellow, green, purple or orange-brown
                       Back to 58
62Berry hard and bony, often with lower half enclosed by calyx; prickles abundant on calyxSolanum quadriloculatum
Berry succulent, with lower half not enclosed by calyx; prickles absent from calyx (except Solanum cleistogamum)
                       Back to 61
63Berry pale yellow-green, often with purple tinge; branches sprawling or prostrate64
Berry yellow, yellow-brown or orange-brown; branches usually erect, rarely sprawling
                       Back to 62
64Corolla 10–15 mm long; anthers 2.5–3 mm long; berry 10–13 mm diamSolanum cleistogamum
Corolla 20–30 mm long; anthers 4.5 mm long; berry 15–20 mm diam
                       Back to 63
Solanum ellipticum
65Peduncles 10–40 mm long; berry ovoid, obovoid or almost globose, with apex acuteSolanum esuriale
Peduncles to 10 mm long; berry globose or depressed-globose
                       Back to 63
66Flowering calyx lobes awl-shaped; calyx 9–10 mm longSolanum elaeagnifolium
Flowering calyx lobes triangular; calyx 4–8 mm long
                       Back to 65
67Prickles 2–5 mm long; pedicels 10–15 mm long; seeds pale brownSolanum coactiliferum
Prickles to 10 mm long; pedicels usually 5–10 mm long; seeds light grey
                       Back to 66
Solanum tetrathecum

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