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Genus Uvaria Family Annonaceae

Synonyms: Rauwenhoffia APNI*
Melodorum APNI*

Description: Woody stem-twining liana or sometimes succulent shrubs, unarmed; nearly all parts bearing stellate or peltate indumentum.

Flowers bisexual, mostly solitary or paired, terminal or leaf opposed following growth of adjacent axillary shoot; pedicels with a medial bract. Sepals valvate at tips, connate. Petals 6(-8) in 2 series, subequal, free or shortly connate at base; inner or both whorls imbricate in bud, usually spreading at anthesis. Stamens wedge-shaped or lineear, sometimes outermost ones sterile. Carpels numerous; ovules few-many; stigma horse-shoe or funnel-shaped with an adaxial slit.

Fruits apocarpus, ellipsoidal to cylindrical, dry or succulent, indehiscent. Seeds few to many.

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 170 species, Asia, Australia, Africa, Madagascar. Australia: 12 species (native) Qld, N.Terr., NSW: 1 species.

Here we follow the new, much broader circumscription of Uvaria that resulted from extensive molecular phylogenetic analyses (Zhou et al. 2009, 2010). Uvaria now comprises species previously included in Anomianthus, Cyathostemma, Ellipeia, Ellipeiopsis, Rauwenhoffia, Balonga, Dasoclema, and the Australian species of Melodorum.

Text by Louisa Murray; occurrence and notes updated by H. Sauquet (22 Mar 2021)
Taxon concept: Zhou L, Su YCF, Chalermglin P, Saunders RMK. 2010. Molecular phylogenetics of Uvaria (Annonaceae): relationships with Balonga, Dasoclema and Australian species of Melodorum.. Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society 163: 33–43.

One species in NSW: Uvaria leichhardtii

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