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Genus Vigna Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Faboideae

Description: Annual and perennial herbs with twining stems, rarely erect.

Leaves alternate, pinnately 3-foliolate; lateral leaflets asymmetric; stipules and stipels present.

Inflorescences racemose, axillary; peduncles long; bracts and bracteoles deciduous. Calyx 5-lobed, upper 2 often united. Standard broader than long; keel truncate, obtuse or beaked. Stamens diadelphous; anthers uniform. Ovary with several ovules; style narrowing at base, bearded; stigma terminal.

Pod ± cylindrical, dehiscent, straight or curved; seeds without obvious aril.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 100–150 species, mainly tropical, chiefly Africa & Asia. Australia: c. 10 species (c. 5 species native, other species introduced), all mainland States.

Text by C. Gardner & T. A. James
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Vigna racemosa

 Key to the species 
1Leaflets linear to narrow-lanceolate or narrow-ovate, to 15 mm wide2
Leaflets elliptic to ovate, rhombic or more or less circular, more than 15 mm wide3
2Stems sparsely to densely hairy with spreading to appressed, more or less bristly rusty-brown hairs; flowers mostly 20–30 mm long; pod 4–14 cm long with spreading bristly hairsVigna vexillata
Stems glabrous or sparsely hairy with appressed, whitish hairs; flowers 7–10 mm long; pod 2–5 cm long, glabrous or with a few, appressed hairs
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Vigna lanceolata
3Leaflets wide-elliptic to more or less circular, apex emarginate or obtuse; confined to coastal dunes and headlandsVigna marina
Leaflets elliptic to rhombic or ovate, apex acute to acuminate (often obtuse in Vigna lanceolata); not confined to coastal dunes and headlands
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4Stipules peltate, ovate, rhombic or obovate, mostly 8–15 mm long; stem hairs conspicuously spreading, yellow-brown, mostly 1–1.5 mm longVigna radiata
Stipules not peltate, more or less ovate to lanceolate 2–3 mm long; stems glabrous or with appressed to more or less spreading whitish hairs c. 1 mm long
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5Apex of leaflets acute to acuminate, base rounded to cuneate; flowers 12–25 mm longVigna luteola
Apex of leaflets acute to obtuse, base usually wedge-shaped; flowers 7–10 mm long
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Vigna lanceolata

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