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Genus Wilkiea Family Monimiaceae

Description: Shrubs or trees, dioecious.

Leaves mostly toothed, fine oil dots numerous and just visible or obscure; shortly petiolate.

Flowers in axillary cymes. Perianth ovoid to globose, nearly closed by 4 tooth-like lobes [or more deeply divided and spreading]. Male flowers with 8–30 stamens. Female flowers with numerous carpels covering the ± flat receptacle, only a few developing into fruit.

Drupes ovoid, c. 15–20 mm long, black, not closely appressed on receptacle surface, sessile or shortly stalked.

Other photo
Photo T.M. Tame


Distribution and occurrence: World: 6 species, endemic Australia. Australia: Qld, N.S.W.

Text by G. J. Harden
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Leaves with 10–16 pairs of secondary veins, rather thinly leathery; flowers and inflorescence axis silky-pubescent, male flowers 4–5 mm diam., with all 4 perianth lobes duplicated to the inside; stamens c. 30; female flowers 5–7 mm diamWilkiea austroqueenslandica
Leaves with less than 10 pairs of secondary veins, leathery; flowers and inflorescence axis almost or quite glabrous; male flowers 2–3 mm diam. with only the outer pair of perianth lobes duplicated inside; stamens c. 8; female flowers 3–4 mm diam2
2Plants entirely glabrous, leaves very glossy above; finest reticulum usually rather coarse and obscure, but not conspicuously raised; petiole mostly 1–6 mm long, rarely to 10 mmWilkiea macrophylla
At least the carpels and female receptacle, and often the leaves, hairy; finest reticulum always prominent and raised below even in fresh leaves; petiole usually 6–10 mm long, but shorter in small-leaved plants
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Wilkiea huegeliana

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