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Genus Xanthosia Family Apiaceae

Description: Perennial herbs and small shrubs, branches sometimes ascending or procumbent, glabrous to pubescent.

Leaves alternate; toothed, lobed or dissected, rarely entire.

Inflorescence terminal or leaf-opposed, mostly a compound umbel, sometimes simple or reduced to one or a few flowers; bracts on compound umbels usually as many as the rays; umbellules with 2 or 3 bracteoles. Flowers bisexual, white, pinkish or pale green. Sepals conspicuous, petaloid. Petals narrow, inflexed. Stylopodium 2-lobed.

Fruit laterally compressed, oblong or ± circular; carpophore adnate to mericarp junction; mericarps 5–9-ribbed, often some ribs prominent and incurved at the base.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 20 spp., endemic temp. Aust., all States except N.T.

Text by J.M. Hart & M. Henwood
Taxon concept: Hart & Henwood 2002

 Key to the species 
1Leaves mostly basal, ternately dissected2
Leaves mostly cauline, simple or trifoliolate3
2Plants 10–50 cm high, perennial; umbels exceeding the leaves; bracteoles and petals whiteXanthosia atkinsoniana
Plants prostrate, up to 10 cm high; umbels not exceeding the leaves; bracteoles green; petals white or reddish
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Xanthosia dissecta
3Plants herbs; leaves trifoliolate, leaflets elliptic, margins entire; fruit with 5–7 ribsXanthosia tasmanica
Plants shrubs or subshrubs; leaves simple or compound
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4Leaves simple, cuneate, apex 3-notched; sepals peltate; fruit glabrousXanthosia tridentata
Leaves simple or compound, elliptic or ovate, entire, crenate or serrate; sepals not peltate; fruit hirsute on the summit
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5Mature stems excorticating (flaky)Xanthosia scopulicola
Mature stems not excorticating
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6Leaves simple or compound, if compound then with the terminal leaflet at least 1.5 times longer than the lateral leafletsXanthosia pilosa
Leaves compound with the terminal leaflet equal to slightly longer than the lateral leaflets, the leaflets similar in shape, usually with three lobes
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7Trichomes on adaxial leaf surface stellate, isolated to sparseXanthosia stellata
Trichomes on the adaxial leaf surface long, simple or dendritic, dense
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Xanthosia ternifolia

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