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Centipeda crateriformis subsp. compacta N.G.Walsh
Family Asteraceae
Centipeda crateriformis subsp. compacta N.G.Walsh APNI*

Description: Tufted or loosely mat-forming perennial (proabaly an annual in adverse conditions), sometimes shortly rhizomatous or producing adventitious roots from lower nodes, to 10 cm high, 20 cm diameter, several branched, prostrate to erect., virtually glabrous except for cottonly hairs on apical growth.

Leaves 4–14 mm long, 1–3.5 mm wide, mostly 3–5, sometimes 7-toothed towards apex or entire.

Flower heads 2.5–5 mm long; involucral bracts 1.5–2 mm long, with ruminate membranous margins; female (outer) florets 90–150 in 2–6 rows, bisexual florets 10–21.

Fruitung heads firm, somewhat persistent, but usually disintegrating with the growing season. Achenes narrow-obcuneoid (less than 5 x logner than wide), scabridulous, 4- or 5-angled with prominent ribs at each of the angles, sometimes with 1–3 finer ribs, alternating with the prominent ribs; hairs antrorse, subappressed, confined to the ribs.

Distribution and occurrence: Endemic to Australia and grows from south western Western Australia, south eastern South Australia and adjacent areas in far western and north western Victoria and south western New South Wales.

Occurs chiefly on shores and drying beds of lakes, claypans, stream-beds, dams and seasonally inundated swamps and depressions.
NSW subdivisions: SWS, SWP, SFWP
Other Australian states: Vic. S.A. W.A.
AVH map***

This taxon is distinctive in its leafy, low, compact, rhizomatous and/or stoloniferous habit and apparent perenniality.

Text by Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: Walsh, N.G.(2001) Revision of Centipeda. Muelleria Vol 15 ; 33-64

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***The AVH map option provides a detailed interactive Australia wide distribution map drawn from collections held by all major Australian herbaria participating in the Australian Virtual Herbarium project.
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