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Chamaecrista nomame (Siebold) H.Ohashi var. nomame Family Fabaceae
Subfamily Caesalpinioideae
Chamaecrista nomame var. nomame (Siebold) H.Ohashi APNI*

Description: Annual or short-lived perennial to 1.5 m tall; stems with crisped and sometimes scattered, long hairs.

Leaves linear-oblong in outline; stipules long-pointed, 4–10 mm long; petiole 2–5 mm long, with sessile, discoid gland, 0.5–1.4 mm diam.; rachis 4–10 cm long, channelled on adaxial surface; margins distinctly ciliate; leaflets 20–60 pairs, linear, 3–10 mm long, 0.7–2.3 mm wide, glabrous; midrib excentric.

Inflorescence supra-axillary, 1–3-flowered; pedicels 5–10 mm long. Sepals somewhat shorter than petals. Petals 4–12 mm long. Stamens 4 or 5, or 8 or 9; anthers irregular in size, 2–4.5 mm long. Ovary pubescent; style short, thick.

Pod 4–8 cm long, 4–5 mm wide, appressed-pubescent.

Distribution and occurrence: Occurs in the Kimberley, W.A., the north of N. Territory. and along the eastern coast, south to about Taree, N.S.W. This species has an extremely wide longitudinal range from Korea and Japan through eastern Asia, the Philippines, New Guinea to Australia

Usually in well-drained situations in eucalypt communities.
NSW subdivisions: NC
Other Australian states: Qld N.T. W.A.
AVH map***

Differs from var. grandiflora by the following characters: largest petal of flower to 9 mm long; leaflets usually less than 1 mm wide; petiolar gland 0.5-0.9 mm diam., c. 0.2 mm tall. Var. grandiflora has the following differing characteristics: Largest petal of flower 9-12 mm long; leaflets often 12.3 mm wide; petiolar gland massive, 11.4 mm diam., 0.3 mm tall.

Text by Var. nomame is found throughout the range of the species including NSW wheras var. grandiflora is endemic to northern Australia; coastal northern Queensland, WA and NE of N. Terr.
Taxon concept:

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