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Hibbertia puberula subsp. extensa R.T.Mill.
Family Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia puberula subsp. extensa R.T.Mill. APNI*

Description: Branches stiff-woody and lateral ones spreading up to about right angles.

Leaf lamina mainly lanceolate.

Outer calyx lobes ovate, 6.1–7.9 mm long, 3.1–3.8 mm wide, acute to beaked with ± strongly recurved margins and distinctly raised ridge towards the apex, strigose to hirsute; inner calyx lobes elliptic rarely oblong-ovate, 4–5 mm long, 2.9 - 3.4 mm wide, with innermost two abruptly constricted into minute terminal point continuous with broad membranous margins, hirsute to strigose with hairs becoming smaller towards the margins. Stamens 4–7; anthers 0.8–1.2 mm long.

Flowering: Flowers October, November (March, April).

Distribution and occurrence: Grows in shallow soil on rock shelves or localized in upland swamps with heath on upper headwaters of the Georges River and in rockplate heath on the Wanganderry Tableland. Also known from a single specimen near Mellong which was collected in 2022.
NSW subdivisions: CC
AVH map***

Rare and localized. The specimens from south of Appin had usually 6 stamens, whereas several flowers from the Wangandery Tableland had 7.

Text by A.E. Orme
Taxon concept: Toelken, H.R. & Miller R.T. (2012)

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