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Brachyscome watanabei P.S.Short
Family Asteraceae
Brachyscome watanabei P.S.Short APNI*

Description: Annual herb, erect with stems c. 8–22 cm (and probably more) long, plants glabrous except for basal parts of leaves.

Leaves basal and cauline, alternate, sheathing at base, mostly glabrous but with whitish, septate, straight to variously bent and curled cottony hairs; lobes apically terminating in a blunt mucro; first formed and lower leaves linear, entire to70 cm long, 0.7–2 mm wide; pinnatisect leaves c. 20–80 mm long, with 3–5 often irregular (not paired) lateral lobes. Peduncles much longer than leaves, glabrous.

Involucre c. 6–9 mm diam. Bracts c. 11 or 12, overlapping, obovate to elliptic or widely ovate, c. 3.4– 3.6 mm long, 1.4–3 mm wide, thinly herbaceous but with mainly entire, hyaline whitish apices and margins, glabrous. Ray florets female, c. 10–16; corolla 3 or 4-veined, white. Disc florets bisexual, c. 25–30 in an averagesized capitulum, corolla tube c. 1.8–2.5 mm long, the 5 lobes lacking apical hairs, yellow. Stamens 5

Achenes 1.7–2.4 mm long, curved apically, lateral margins with c. 3–6 teeth (with 1 eglandular hair) or tuberculate in the lower half, wing-like towards apex, dark brown-black; pappus of c. 20 or more erect, smooth bristles mostly of similar length.

Flowering: Flowering late August, fruiting September to October.

Distribution and occurrence:

Apparently a species of inundated grassand herb dominated plains and roadside verges with clay soil.
NSW subdivisions: NWP, SWP, SFWP
AVH map***

the name honours Professor Kuniaki Watanabe, for his immense contributions to our knowledge of the cytology of the Australian Asteraceae.

Text by Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: P.S. Short (2014) A taxonomic review of Brachyscome Cass. (Asteraceae: Asterae), including descriptions of a new genus, Roebuckia, new species and infraspecific taxa. Journal of the Adelaide Botanic Gardens 28: 1-219

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