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Cipadessa baccifera (Roth) Miq.
Family Meliaceae
Cipadessa baccifera (Roth) Miq. APNI*

Description: A much-branched shrub or small tree, sometimes scandent; young parts silky.

Leaves 8 - 30 cm long; rachis 3 - 6 cm long; leaflets 7 - 13, opposite, elliptic-lanceolate, acute at both ends, entire or coarsely serrate along margins, 2.5 - 12 x 1.5 - 5 cm, glabrous, sometimes hairy especially on nerves; petiolules short.

Inflorescence in panicles shorter than leaves; peduncles slender, 3 - 10 cm long. Flowers small, white; pedicels ca 2 mm long. Calyx with 5, short, 3-angular teeth, pubescent outside. Petals oblong, acute, 2 - 4 x 1 - 1.5 mm, membranous, pubescent outside. Stamens slightly shorter than petals; filaments hairy; appendages sharp, as long as anthers. Ovary glabrous; style short; stigma 5-lobed.

Drupes globose, 5-lobed, 5–8 mm, red when ripe.

Distribution and occurrence: Native to India. Naturalised in NSW near Lismore on the north coast.

Naturalised in roadside bushland.
NSW subdivisions: *NC
AVH map***

Text by Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: eFlora of India

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