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Drosera capensis L.
Family Droseraceae
Drosera capensis L. APNI*

Description: Robust, evergreen perennial herb up to c. 150 mm high; stem short, woody; rhizomatous; forming colonies.

Leaves forming a basal rosette (younger leaves ± erect), simple; petiole almost same length and width as lamina; lamina linear, flattened, up to 35(–65) mm long, c. 4 mm wide; apex truncate to obtuse; abaxial surface glabrous; adaxial surface densely covered with stalked glands, particularly on margin.

Inflorescences 15–30-flowered; scapes up to c. 300 mm high, 1 flower (or less frequently 2) open at any one time. Calyx shorter than corolla; lobes c. 5 mm long, sparsely hairy. Corolla usually pink-mauve; broadly obovate, 10–15 mm long. Stamens short; connective rhomboidal; anthers divergent basally. Style divided from base; stigma swollen.

Capsule obloid, c. 4 mm long. Seeds many, fusiform, c. 0.8 mm long, black.

Flowering: Sydney (New South Wales) – August to May.

Distribution and occurrence: Cultivated; naturalised in Royal National Park (Sydney region).
NSW subdivisions: *CC
AVH map***

The infestation of D. capensis seems to be restricted to a small (5 m long) section of South West Arm Creek, several hundred metres north of the Flatrock Crossing bridge. The population consists of at least one hundred adult plants (pers. observation). A brief survey along the creek line, approximately 700 m north of the infestation failed to reveal any additional populations. The population appears to occupy a microhabitat that contained other carnivorous plant species such as Drosera spatulata, D. binata, Utricularia uniflora, U. uliginosa, and the occasional U. lateriflora. In New South Wales flower and seed production is profuse. Though many of the inflorescences were infested with aphids.

Text by R.W. Jobson and B.J. Conn
Taxon concept: Richard W. Jobson and Barry J. Conn (2012) Drosera capensis (Droseraceae), a new naturalised record for Australia. Telopea Volume 14: 89-92 (

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***The AVH map option provides a detailed interactive Australia wide distribution map drawn from collections held by all major Australian herbaria participating in the Australian Virtual Herbarium project.
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