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Glebionis coronaria (L.) Cass. ex Spach
Family Asteraceae
Common name: Chop Suey Greens, Tong hao, Shun giku

Glebionis coronaria (L.) Cass. ex Spach APNI*

Synonyms: Chrysanthemum coronarium L. APNI*

Description: Glabrous or sparsely hairy herb; stems erect, usually 15–90 cm high, branched, striate.

Leaves ± obovate, usually 2–10 cm long, 1–5 cm wide, 2–3-pinnatisect, base ± stem-clasping with reduced leaflets along leaf sheath; cauline leaves smaller and less divided near inflorescence.

Heads solitary or few in corymbs, c. 4–5 cm diam.; involucral bracts 5–15 mm long. Ray florets 10-numerous, ligules pale to bright yellow or rarely white, apex 4-toothed. Disc florets numerous, yellow.

Achenes c. 2.5 mm long, glandular-hairy; ray achenes usually 3-angled with angles winged, faces faintly ribbed or smooth; disc achenes 1 to usually 2 winged and ribbed, innermost achenes sometimes unwinged.

Flowering: summer.

Distribution and occurrence: Grows as an escape from cultivation, probably not fully naturalized. Native of Medit. to NW Iran.
NSW subdivisions: *NC, *NFWP
Other Australian states: *S.A. *W.A.
AVH map***

Text by E. A. Brown
Taxon concept: Flora of NSW 3 (1992) as Chysanthemum coronaria

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