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Goodenia heterophylla Sm.
Family Goodeniaceae
Goodenia heterophylla Sm. APNI*

Description: Erect to procumbent ± woody herb to 40 cm high, glandular- or simple-hairy.

Leaves mostly cauline with ephemeral basal leaves, linear to ovate, 1–4 cm long, 2–10 mm wide, margins entire to lobed; sessile.

Flowers in leafy thyrses or racemes; stalks to 25 mm long, bracteoles present. Sepals linear to lanceolate, 2–4 mm long. Corolla to 12 mm long, yellow, glandular- or simple-hairy outside, glabrous or with a few hairs inside, auriculate; wings to 1.5 mm wide. Indusium oblong, often grooved above and below.

Fruit broad-ovoid, to 3 mm long; valves 2, entire, spreading; seeds oblong, 2 mm long, pale yellow, minutely bristly.

Photo D. Hardin

Distribution and occurrence: Grows in dry sclerophyll forest to shrubland on sandstone-derived soils from Wauchope to Jervis Bay on the coast and west to Lithgow area in the Blue Mountains.
NSW subdivisions: NC, CC, SC, CT, ST, CWS, SWS
AVH map***

Text by R. C. Carolin
Taxon concept:

 Key to the subspecies 
1Erect to ascending herb with simple, glandular and multicellular hairs. Leaves usually ovate, sometimes linear, 1.5–3 cm long, 3–8 mm wide, margins toothed or lobed with acute scarcely acuminate teeth, usually with 2 large lobes or teeth near base very rarely entire, sometimes recurvedsubsp. heterophylla
Ascending to erect herbs, usually hairy but without glandular hairs, sometimes glabrescent2
2Ascending herbs covered with soft hairs. Leaves ovate, 1–3 cm long, 3–8 mm wide, margins toothed, each tooth mucronate recurved margins, sometimes with 2 basal lobessubsp. eglandulosa
Erect ± shrubby plant, villous to cottony when young, scabrous with short simple hairs when mature. Leaves linear to narrow-oblong, 1.5–2.5 cm long, mostly 2–3 mm wide, margins entire or nearly so, revolute
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subsp. montana

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