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Gynura drymophila (F.Muell.) F.G.Davies
Family Asteraceae
Gynura drymophila (F.Muell.) F.G.Davies APNI*

Description: Succulent herbaceous perennial or biennial to 50 cm high, base woody, to 10 cm diameter.

Basal leaves petiolate, petiole 1–3 cm long; upper leaves sessile; margin irregularly toothed.; blades obovate, ovate-oblong or narrow-ovate; light green to grey-green, sometimes with the veins purplish underneath, secondary veins indistinct, 3–6 pairs; apex obtuse; 5–16 cm long, 1–6 cm wide.

Inflorescence terminal, 20–40 cm long with 2 or 3 branches, 20–30 cm long, each bearing 1–3 heads; peduncles 2–5 cm long. Heads campanulate, 6–9 mm diameter, subtended by c. 10 linear bracts which are light green with purple tips; 30–50 flowered. Involucral bracts 13, linear 15–18 mm long, light green. Corolla orange-yellow 14–15 mm long. Style orange yellow, glabrous. Stigma also orange-yellow, minutely puberulous, Ovary c. 3 mm long, 0.75 mm wide, light green. Stamens 5.

Achenes 1.5–6 mm long, pale to dark brown, pappus of 140–160 translucent minutely spiculate hairs.

Distribution and occurrence:
NSW subdivisions: NC
Other Australian states: Qld
AVH map***

There are two varieites.

Text by Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: Forster, P.I. & Thongpukdee, A. (1988) Austrobaileya 2(5): 562

 Key to the varieties 
1Plant pubescentvar. drymophila
Plant glabrousvar. glabrifolia

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***The AVH map option provides a detailed interactive Australia wide distribution map drawn from collections held by all major Australian herbaria participating in the Australian Virtual Herbarium project.
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