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Hibbertia coloensis Toelken
Family Dilleniaceae
Hibbertia coloensis Toelken APNI*

Description: Shrubs up to 1.5 m tall and 2 m in diameter, much branched; branches with distinct decurrent leaf bases, but not flanged, hirsute to strigose mainly along the grooves between leaf bases.

Leaves linear to linear-oblanceolate, 7–15 mm long and 1–1.6 mm wide, very gradually tapering into the petiole, petiole 0.3–0.7 mm long, often indistinct; Leaves with intrapetiolar tufts of hairs up to 1 mm long and becoming denser and decurrent along the grooves on either side of the leaf bases; apex acute to cuspidate with glabrescent end of central vein overtopping the leaf apex; upper surface flat and slightly grooved along the central vein, ± glabrous, lower surface with narrow revolute margins distinctly separated from raised central vein by the glabrous undersurface.

Flowers single, sessile or shortly pedicillate 0–4 mm long. Petals obovate, up to 14 mm long. Stamens 24–26, without staminodes, surrounding the carpels. Carpels 3, hirsute. Outer calyx lobes lanceolate 10–12 mm long and 4 mm wide, inner calyx lobes obovate to oblong-obovate 6–7 mm long and 5–6 mm wide.


Flowering: October.

Distribution and occurrence: Restricted to the Colo River, Wollemi National Park.

Occurs in the riparian zone among sandstone boulders, in Tristaniopsis laurina woodland.
NSW subdivisions: CC
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