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Ipomoea fimbriosepala Choisy
Family Convolvulaceae
Ipomoea fimbriosepala Choisy APNI*

Description: Annual with twining stems, young stems glabrous, older stems setose.

Leaves with lamina narrowly to broadly deltoid, 4–12 cm long, 1–6 cm wide, apex acuminate, mucronulate, base sagittate to hastate, glabrous; petiole 1–5 cm long.

Inflorescence 1- few-flowered; peduncles 0.5–3.5 cm long; bracteoles 8–15 mm long, ovate, acuminate to apiculate, membranous, pale green, moderately persistent; pedicels 1–3.5 cm long. Sepals unequal; outer 3 larger, ovate, 13–20 mm long, apex mucronate, abaxially 3-winged, the wings smooth or dentate basally, glabrous. Corolla funnel-shaped, purplish to red with a darker throat, glabrous; tube 2.5–3.5 cm long; limb c. 5 cm diam.

Capsule ovoid, 12–14 mm diam.; seeds densely tomentellous.

Distribution and occurrence: One record only, from the edge of Cudgen Lake, Tweed Heads district. Native of trop. America & trop. Asia, the populations usually small and impermanent.
NSW subdivisions: *NC
AVH map***

Text by S.F. McCune
Taxon concept: Flora of China

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