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Muehlenbeckia sp. Mt Norman (J.T.Hunter 3847) Makinson
Family Polygonaceae
Muehlenbeckia sp. Mt Norman (J.T.Hunter 3847) Makinson APNI*

Synonyms: Muehlenbeckia costata K.L.Wilson & R.O.Makinson ms. APNI*
Muehlenbeckia sp. nov. 'costata' APNI*

Description: Scrambler with decumbent stems, flowering stems erect to c. 50 cm high, to 4.5 mm diam.

Leaves with lamina ovate to oblong-ovate, 3–8 cm long, 15–60 mm wide, base ± cordate, often irregularly white-scabrous on the veins and margins; petiole 1–4 cm long.

Inflorescences spread evenly along branches, 4–14 cm long. Perianth somewhat fleshy. Anthers 0.6–1.0 mm long.

Achene subglobose, 3-ribbed near the apex with 6 additional longitudinal ridges below, 2.5–3.5 mm long, tuberculate, black, ± shining.

Photo Jeremy Bruhl (UNE)

Photo Greg Steenbeeke

Photo Greg Steenbeeke

Other photo
Photo Jeremy Bruhl (UNE)

Distribution and occurrence: Sporadic after disturbance on North Coast, Northern and Central Tablelands.

Mostly in rocky, higher-altitude sites following disturbance such as fire or clearing for powerlines. An old collection from Wallerawang possibly now underwater in artificial lake.
NSW subdivisions: NT, CT

Threatened species: NSW BCA: Vulnerable
AVH map***

This species is listed under the NSW Threatened Species Legislation as Muehlenbeckia costata K.L.Wilson & R.O.Makinson ms; this species has not been formerly described.

Text by K.L. Wilson (1990; edited Sept 2006; Aug 2012)
Taxon concept: Flora of NSW 1 (1990); as Muehlenbeckia costata K.L. Wilson & Makinson

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***The AVH map option provides a detailed interactive Australia wide distribution map drawn from collections held by all major Australian herbaria participating in the Australian Virtual Herbarium project.
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