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Paenula storyi Orchard
Family Asteraceae
Paenula storyi Orchard APNI*

Description: Stems glabrous, weakly longitudinally ribbed.

Leaves 20 mm long, 1.0 mm wide, rugose with dark sunken glands on all surfaces, glabrous, sessile, not stem clasping; tip acute, reflexed, not mucronate.

Inflorescence slightly domed. Heads on peduncles 2.0 mm long; peduncles and inflorescence branches subtended by keeled deltoid bracts 1.0 mm long. Involucral bracts spirally arranged, all somewhat hooded, incurved at tip. Outer bracts ovate, 1.2 mm long, 0.6 mm wide, glabrous; stereome green, drying brown in lower two thirds; opaque white in upper one third and on wings. Inner phyllaries oblong, 2.4–2.8 mm long, 0.7–0.8 mm wide, glabrous, with poorly defined green-brown stereome in lower half to two third. Florets c. 6 per capitulum, all bisexual; corolla lobes deltoid, 0.4 mm long, reflexed, glabrous.

Achene purple-brown, fusiform, 1.1 mm long, 0.3 mm diam., with sparse appressed twin hairs for entire length, and a denser ring of hairs apically.

Flowering: Fruits in mid–March.

Distribution and occurrence: Known only from the type specimen, collected SSE of Wollar, NSW.

Found on a nephaline hill, with Cassinia quinquefaria and Eucalyptus albens dominant.
NSW subdivisions: CWS
AVH map***

The generic name paenula is a word used by Cicero to describe a coat without sleeves and close to the body, worn on a journey, i.e. a kind of close-fitting cloak. It alludes to the distinctive tightly cloaked fruits of this taxon. The species epithet commemorates the original discoverer, Robert Story, ecologist (1913–1999).

Text by L. Murray
Taxon concept: Orchard, A.E. (2005) Telopea 11(1)

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