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Pomaderris walshii Millott & K.L.McDougall
Family Rhamnaceae
Pomaderris walshii Millott & K.L.McDougall APNI*

Description: Shrub or small tree to 3 m high. Young stems and petioles with appressed, silvery to rusty simple hairs and medium to close, white stellate hairs.

Leaves narrow-ovate, 36–60 mm long, 14–22 mm wide; base cuneate to obtuse; margins entire, flat or slightly recurved; apex acute to acuminate; adaxial surface green and glabrous; adaxial surface moderately hairy with loosely appressed, white-silvery simple hairs and dense white stellate hairs; petiole 4–10 mm long. Stipules narrow-triangular, apex acute, 2–6 mm long, soon deciduous.

Inflorescence of 20 - c. 100 flowers, pyramidal to hemisherical, terminal, 4–7.5 cm long and wide at base; bracts deciduous; pedicels 1.5–4.3 mm long. Flowers cream-coloured to yellow; externally pubescent to villous with loosely appressed, silvery simple hairs and dense stellate hairs.Hypathium 0.8–1.4 mm in diam.; sepals 1.8–2.0 mm long; petals present 1.7–1.9 mm long, spreading, spathulate; stamens 2–2.5 mm long; style 1.6–1.9 mm long, branched in lower or middle third.

Not seen.

C. Wardrop

Flowering: July to November.

Distribution and occurrence: Currently only known fron the upper Kangaroo River and its tributaries, above Carringon Falls, south-east of Robertson.

Riparian shrubland dominated by Callicoma serratifollia, Ceratopetalum apetalum and Grevillea rivularis, and open grassy forest dominated by Eucalytpus fastigata.
NSW subdivisions: CC, CT

Threatened species: NSW BCA: Critically Endangered; Commonwealth EPBC: Critically Endangered
AVH map***

Populations of plants may be threatened by changes in fire or flood frequencies, or by future use of private land. Named in recognition of botanist Neville Walsh of the National Herbarium of Victoria for his work in the revision of Pomaderris.

Text by Louisa Murray
Taxon concept: Millott, J.C. and McDougall, K.L. (2005) A new species of Pomaderris (Rhamnaceae) from the Central Tablelands of New South Wales.

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