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Search terms: Araliaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

      Astrotricha asperifolia
    +Astrotricha cordata
    +Astrotricha crassifolia
      Astrotricha floccosa
      Astrotricha latifolia
      Astrotricha ledifolia
      Astrotricha linearis
      Astrotricha longifolia >
      Astrotricha longifolia f. 'Coastal'
      Astrotricha longifolia f. 'Inland'
      Astrotricha obovata
      Astrotricha pterocarpa
    +Astrotricha roddii
      Astrotricha sp. Deua (R.O.Makinson 1647)
      Astrotricha sp. Mount Boss (P.Gilmour 7907)
      Astrotricha sp. Quorrobolong (S.Lewer 40)
    +Astrotricha sp. Wallagaraugh (R.O.Makinson 1228) , Merimbula Star-hair
      Astrotricha sp. Watchimbark (P.Gilmour 7938)
      Astrotricha umbrosa
      Cephalaralia cephalobotrys , Climbing Panax
    *Hedera helix , English Ivy
      Hydrocotyle acutiloba
      Hydrocotyle algida , Pennywort
    *Hydrocotyle bonariensis , Largeleaf Pennywort, Large-leaved Pennywort, Beach Pennywort, Coastal Plain Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle callicarpa , Tiny Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle digitata
      Hydrocotyle foveolata , Yellow Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle geraniifolia , Forest Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle hirta , Hairy Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle laxiflora , Stinking Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle pedicellosa , Pennywort
    †Hydrocotyle pterocarpa
      Hydrocotyle rivularis
      Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
      Hydrocotyle sp. Lake Broadwater (K.A.Williams AQ230829)
      Hydrocotyle trachycarpa , Wild Parsley
      Hydrocotyle tripartita , Pennywort
      Hydrocotyle verticillata , Shield Pennywort
      Polyscias cissodendron , Island Pine
      Polyscias elegans , celery wood, silver basswood, black pencil cedar
      Polyscias murrayi , Pencil Cedar, Umbrella Tree, White Basswood, Pencilwood
      Polyscias sambucifolia > , Elderberry Panax, Ornamental Ash, Elderberry Ash
      Polyscias sambucifolia subsp. Bipinnate leaves (J.H.Ross 3967) Vic. Herbarium , Ferny Panax
      Polyscias sambucifolia subsp. Long leaflets (P.G.Neish 208) Vic. Herbarium
      Polyscias sambucifolia subsp. Short leaflets (V.Stajsic 196) Vic. Herbarium
    *Schefflera actinophylla , umbrella tree
    *Tetrapanax papyrifer , Rice Paper Plant
      Trachymene ceratocarpa , Creeping Carrot
      Trachymene composita
      Trachymene composita var. composita
      Trachymene composita var. robertsonii
      Trachymene cyanopetala , Purple Parsnip
      Trachymene glaucifolia , Wild Parsnip
      Trachymene humilis > , Alpine Trachymene
      Trachymene humilis subsp. humilis
      Trachymene incisa >
      Trachymene incisa subsp. corrugata
      Trachymene incisa subsp. incisa
      Trachymene ochracea , White Parsnip, Wild Parsnip, Yellow Parsnip
      Trachymene ornata , Sponge-fruit
      Trachymene procumbens
    +Trachymene scapigera
      Trachymene sp. NSW Northern Tablelands (L.M.Copeland 4234)
      Trachymene thysanocarpa

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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