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Search terms: Fabaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

    *Abrus precatorius > , Gidee Gidee, Crab's Eye Vine
    *Abrus precatorius subsp. africanus
    +Acacia acanthoclada > , harrow wattle
      Acacia acanthoclada subsp. acanthoclada , harrow wattle
      Acacia acinacea , gold-dust wattle, round-leaved wattle
    +Acacia acrionastes
      Acacia aculeatissima , snake wattle, thin-leaf wattle
      Acacia adunca , Wallangarra wattle, cascade wattle
      Acacia alata > , winged wattle
      Acacia alata var. alata , winged wattle
      Acacia alaticaulis
      Acacia alpina , alpine wattle
      Acacia amblygona , fan wattle, fan-leaf wattle
      Acacia amoena , boomerang wattle
      Acacia aneura , mulga
      Acacia aptaneura , Slender Mulga
      Acacia asparagoides , a wattle
      Acacia aspera , rough wattle
    +Acacia atrox > , Myall Creek wattle
      Acacia atrox subsp. atrox , Myall Creek wattle
    +Acacia atrox subsp. planitiicola
      Acacia aulacocarpa , salwood, golden-flowered salwood, lancewood
      Acacia aureocrinita
    +Acacia ausfeldii , Ausfeld's wattle, Whipstick cinnamon wattle (Vic.)
      Acacia baeuerlenii , a wattle
    †Acacia baileyana , Cootamundra wattle, golden mimosa
    +Acacia bakeri , Baker's wattle, marblewood, scrub wattle, white marblewood
      Acacia barringtonensis , Barrington wattle
      Acacia baueri > , tiny wattle
    +Acacia baueri subsp. aspera
      Acacia baueri subsp. baueri , tiny wattle
      Acacia beadleana
      Acacia beckleri > , Barrier Range wattle
      Acacia beckleri subsp. beckleri , Barrier Range wattle
      Acacia betchei , red-tip wattle
      Acacia binervata , two-veined hickory
      Acacia binervia , coast myall, coastal myall, coastal wattle, Kai'arrewan (D'harawal)
      Acacia blakei > , Blake's wattle, Wollomombi wattle
      Acacia blakei subsp. blakei
      Acacia blakei subsp. diphylla
      Acacia blayana , Blay's wattle
      Acacia boormanii , Snowy River wattle
      Acacia brachybotrya , grey mulga, grey wattle
      Acacia brachystachya , umbrella mulga, turpentine mulga, grey mulga, false bowgada
      Acacia brownii , heath wattle, prickly Moses
      Acacia brunioides > , brown wattle
      Acacia brunioides subsp. brunioides , brown wattle
      Acacia brunioides subsp. granitica
      Acacia bulgaensis , Bulga wattle
      Acacia burbidgeae , Burbidge's wattle
      Acacia burkittii , sand hill wattle, Burkitt's wattle, Gunderbluey, fine leaf jam
      Acacia burrowii , Burrow's wattle
      Acacia buxifolia > , box-leaf wattle
      Acacia buxifolia subsp. buxifolia , box-leaf wattle
      Acacia buxifolia subsp. pubiflora , box-leaf wattle
    +Acacia bynoeana , Bynoe's wattle, tiny wattle
      Acacia caesiella , tableland wattle
      Acacia calamifolia , wallowa, reed-leaf wattle
      Acacia calcicola , shrubby wattle, shrubby mulga, myall-gidgee, northern myall, grey myall
      Acacia cambagei , gidgee, stinking wattle, stinking gidgee
      Acacia cana , boree
      Acacia cangaiensis , a wattle
    †Acacia cardiophylla , Wyalong wattle
    +Acacia carneorum , needle wattle
      Acacia caroleae , Carol's wattle
      Acacia centrinervia
      Acacia chalkeri , Chalker's wattle
      Acacia cheelii , motherumbah, motherum-bung
    +Acacia chrysotricha , Bellinger River wattle, Newry golden wattle
      Acacia clandullensis , gold-dust wattle
    +Acacia clunies-rossiae , Kowmung wattle
      Acacia cognata , bower wattle, river wattle
      Acacia colletioides , wait-a-while, pin bush, spinebush
      Acacia complanata , flat-stemmed wattle, long pod wattle
      Acacia concurrens , curracabah, Black Wattle
      Acacia conferta , crowded-leaf wattle
    +Acacia constablei , Narrabarba wattle
      Acacia continua , thorn wattle, thorny wattle
      Acacia coriacea , wirewood, desert oak, dogwood, wiry wattle
      Acacia costiniana , Costin's Wattle
    +Acacia courtii , North Brother wattle
      Acacia covenyi , blue bush, Bluebush
      Acacia cowleana , Halls Creek Wattle
      Acacia crassa > , curracabah
      Acacia crassa subsp. crassa
      Acacia cremiflora
    †Acacia cultriformis , knife-leaf wattle, dog-tooth wattle, half-moon wattle, golden glow wattle
    +Acacia curranii , curly-bark wattle
      Acacia dallachiana , catkin wattle
    +Acacia dangarensis , Mount Dangar Wattle
      Acacia dawsonii , poverty wattle, Dawson's wattle, mitta wattle
      Acacia dealbata > , silver wattle, blue wattle, mimosa
      Acacia dealbata subsp. dealbata , silver wattle
      Acacia dealbata subsp. subalpina , Monaro Silver-wattle, Small-leaved Silver Wattle
      Acacia deanei > , green wattle, Dean's wattle
      Acacia deanei subsp. deanei , Deane's wattle, green wattle
      Acacia deanei subsp. paucijuga , green wattle
      Acacia debilis , spindly wattle
      Acacia decora , western silver wattle, showy wattle
    †Acacia decurrens , black wattle, green wattle, Sydney green wattle, Boo'kerrikin (D'harawal)
      Acacia difformis , drooping wattle
      Acacia disparrima >
      Acacia disparrima subsp. disparrima , salwood, southern salwood, brush ironbark wattle, hickory
      Acacia doratoxylon , currawang, lancewood, spearwood
      Acacia dorothea , Dorothy's wattle
      Acacia echinula , hedgehog wattle
      Acacia elata , mountain cedar wattle, cedar wattle
      Acacia elongata , swamp wattle
      Acacia excelsa > , ironwood
      Acacia excelsa subsp. angusta , ironwood
      Acacia excelsa subsp. excelsa , ironwood, rosewood, doodlallie, bunkerman
      Acacia falcata , hickory wattle, sally, sickle wattle
      Acacia falciformis , broad-leaved hickory, hickory wattle, mountain hickory
      Acacia filicifolia , fern-leaved wattle
      Acacia fimbriata , fringed wattle, Brisbane wattle
      Acacia flexifolia , bent-leaf wattle
    +Acacia flocktoniae , Flockton wattle
      Acacia floribunda , white sally wattle, gossamer wattle
      Acacia floydii
      Acacia forsythii , Warrumbungle Range wattle
      Acacia fulva , velvet wattle, soft wattle
      Acacia genistifolia , early wattle, spreading wattle
    +Acacia georgensis , Dr George Mountain wattle
      Acacia gladiiformis , sword wattle
    +Acacia gordonii , Gordon's wattle
      Acacia granitica , granite wattle
      Acacia gunnii , ploughshare wattle
      Acacia hakeoides , hakea wattle
      Acacia halliana
      Acacia hamiltoniana , Hamilton's wattle
      Acacia harpophylla , brigalow, brigalow spearwood, orkor
      Acacia havilandiorum , needle wattle, Haviland's wattle
      Acacia hispidula , little harsh acacia , rough-leaved acacia , rough hairy wattle
      Acacia homalophylla , yarran
      Acacia implexa , hickory wattle, weetjellan (D'harawal), lightwood
      Acacia ingramii , Ingram's wattle
      Acacia irrorata > , green wattle, blueskin
      Acacia irrorata subsp. irrorata , green wattle, Sydney green wattle, blueskin
      Acacia irrorata subsp. velutinella , green wattle
    *Acacia iteaphylla , Port Lincoln wattle, Flinders Ranges wattle, willow-leaved wattle
      Acacia ixiophylla , sticky leaved wattle
      Acacia ixodes , Motherumbung (Qld)
      Acacia jennerae , Coonavittra wattle
      Acacia johnsonii , Gereera Wattle, Geereva Wattle
      Acacia jonesii
    +Acacia jucunda , Yetman Wattle
      Acacia julifera >
      Acacia julifera subsp. julifera
      Acacia juncifolia , rush-leaved wattle
      Acacia kettlewelliae , Buffalo Wattle
      Acacia kulnurensis , Kulnura wattle
      Acacia kybeanensis , Kybean wattle
      Acacia kydrensis , Kydra Wattle
      Acacia lanigera > , woolly wattle, hairy wattle
      Acacia lanigera var. gracilipes
      Acacia lanigera var. lanigera , hairy wattle
      Acacia latisepala
      Acacia leiocalyx > , Black Wattle, Early Black Wattle, Early Flowering Black Wattle, Lamb's Tail Wattle, curracabah
      Acacia leiocalyx subsp. leiocalyx , curracabah
      Acacia leprosa , cinnamon wattle, leper wattle
      Acacia leprosa var. graveolens , cinnamon wattle
      Acacia leprosa var. leprosa , cinnamon wattle
      Acacia leprosa var. uninervia , cinnamon wattle
      Acacia leptoclada , sharp feather wattle
      Acacia leucoclada > , Northern Silver Wattle
      Acacia leucoclada subsp. argentifolia
      Acacia leucoclada subsp. leucoclada , Northern Silver Wattle
      Acacia leucolobia
      Acacia ligulata , small cooba, sandhill wattle, dune wattle
      Acacia linearifolia , narrow-leaved wattle
      Acacia lineata , streaked wattle
      Acacia linifolia , white wattle
      Acacia loderi , nealie, nelia
      Acacia longifolia >
      Acacia longifolia subsp. longifolia , Sydney golden wattle
    †Acacia longifolia subsp. sophorae , coastal wattle, wadanguli (Cadigal)
      Acacia longissima , long-leaf wattle
      Acacia lucasii , woolly-bear wattle, Lucas's wattle
      Acacia lunata , lunate-leaved acacia
      Acacia mabellae , Mabel's wattle
    +Acacia macnuttiana , Mcnutt's wattle
      Acacia maidenii , Maiden's wattle
      Acacia maitlandii , Maitland's wattle
      Acacia mariae , golden-top wattle
      Acacia matthewii , Matthew's Wattle
      Acacia mearnsii , black wattle
    +Acacia meiantha
      Acacia melanoxylon , blackwood, hickory, sally wattle, lightwood, Mudgerabah (northern N.S.W. Aboriginal name), Mooeyang (Tarra blacks), Tasmanian blackwood, black wattle, black sally
      Acacia melvillei , myall, yarran
      Acacia melvillei-homalophylla
      Acacia microcarpa , manna wattle
      Acacia minyura , desert mulga, Shrubby Desert Mulga
      Acacia mitchellii , Mitchell's wattle
      Acacia mollifolia , hairy silver wattle, velvet Acacia, hoary silver wattle
      Acacia montana , mallee wattle
      Acacia mucronata >
      Acacia mucronata subsp. longifolia
      Acacia muelleriana , Mueller's wattle
    †Acacia murrayana , Murray's wattle
      Acacia myrtifolia , red-stemmed wattle, myrtle wattle
      Acacia nana , small red-leaved wattle
      Acacia neriifolia , silver wattle, oleander wattle
    +Acacia notabilis , mallee golden wattle, Flinders wattle
      Acacia nova-anglica J.B.Williams ms. (Williams 97011) , New England hickory
      Acacia nyssophylla , spinebush
      Acacia obliquinervia , mountain hickory
      Acacia obtusata , blunt-leaf wattle
      Acacia obtusifolia , blunt leaf wattle, stiff-leaf wattle
      Acacia olsenii
      Acacia orites , mountain wattle
      Acacia oshanesii , corkwood wattle, Irish wattle
      Acacia oswaldii , umbrella wattle, miljee
      Acacia oxycedrus , spike wattle
      Acacia paradoxa , kangaroo thorn, hedge wattle
      Acacia parramattensis , Parramatta wattle, Sydney green wattle
      Acacia parvipinnula , silver-stemmed wattle
      Acacia pedina , a wattle
      Acacia pendula , weeping myall, boree
      Acacia penninervis > , mountain hickory
      Acacia penninervis var. longiracemosa , hickory wattle
      Acacia penninervis var. penninervis , hickory, mountain hickory
    +Acacia petraea , lancewood
    +Acacia phasmoides , phantom wattle
      Acacia piligera
      Acacia pilligaensis , Pilliga wattle
    †Acacia podalyriifolia , Queensland silver wattle, Mount Morgan wattle
      Acacia polybotrya , western silver wattle, hairy feather wattle
      Acacia pravifolia , coil-pod wattle
      Acacia pravissima , wedge-leaved wattle, Ovens wattle
      Acacia prominens , Gosford wattle, golden rain wattle, grey sally
      Acacia pruinosa , frosty wattle
      Acacia ptychoclada
    +Acacia pubescens , downy wattle, hairy-stemmed wattle
    +Acacia pubifolia , velvet wattle, Wyberba wattle
    *Acacia pulchella > , prickly Moses, western prickly Moses
    *Acacia pulchella var. pulchella , prickly Moses
    †Acacia pycnantha , golden wattle, Australian golden wattle
    +Acacia pycnostachya , Bolivia wattle
      Acacia quadrilateralis
      Acacia ramulosa > , horse mulga
      Acacia ramulosa var. ramulosa , horse mulga
      Acacia rhigiophylla , dagger-leaved wattle
      Acacia rigens , needle wattle, needlebush acacia, nealie, nealia, nilyah
    +Acacia rivalis , silver wattle
      Acacia rubida , red-stemmed wattle, red leaved wattle, red leaf wattle
    +Acacia ruppii , Rupp's wattle
      Acacia saliciformis , willow wattle
      Acacia salicina , cooba, native willow, willow wattle, Broughton willow
    *Acacia saligna , golden wreath wattle, orange wattle, blue-leafed wattle, Western Australian golden wattle
      Acacia schinoides , green cedar wattle
      Acacia sclerophylla > , Hard-leaf Wattle
      Acacia sclerophylla var. sclerophylla , hard-leaved wattle
      Acacia sericophylla , wirewood, wiry Wattle, desert oak, dogwood
      Acacia serpentinicola
      Acacia sertiformis
      Acacia sibirica , bastard mulga
      Acacia siculiformis , dagger wattle
      Acacia silvestris , Bodalla silver wattle
      Acacia simmonsiana
      Acacia sp. NSW Northern Tablelands (R.Coveny 2257)
      Acacia sparsiflora , currawang
    †Acacia spectabilis , Mudgee wattle
      Acacia stenophylla , river cooba, river myall, belalie, eumong, gurley
      Acacia stricta , straight wattle, hop wattle
      Acacia suaveolens , sweet wattle
      Acacia subporosa , river wattle
      Acacia subtilinervis , net-veined wattle
      Acacia subulata , awl-leaved wattle
      Acacia terminalis > , sunshine wattle
      Acacia terminalis subsp. Bright yellow flower (M.Tindale NSW248078) , sunshine wattle
    +Acacia terminalis subsp. Eastern Sydney (G.P.Phillips 126) , sunshine wattle
      Acacia terminalis subsp. Glabrous form (M.Hancock 94) , sunshine wattle
      Acacia terminalis subsp. Long inflorescences (P.G.Kodela 307) , sunshine wattle
      Acacia tessellata
      Acacia tetragonophylla , dead finish, kurara
      Acacia torringtonensis
      Acacia trachyphloia , Bodalla wattle, golden feather wattle
      Acacia trinervata , three-veined wattle
      Acacia trineura , three-nerve wattle
      Acacia triptera , spurwing wattle, spur-wing wattle
      Acacia ulicifolia , prickly Moses
      Acacia uncinata , round-leaved wattle, gold-dust wattle
      Acacia undulifolia
      Acacia venulosa , veiny wattle, fine veined wattle
      Acacia verniciflua , varnish wattle
      Acacia verticillata > , prickly Moses, prickly-leaved wattle, star-leaved Acacia, prickly mimosa, whorl-leaved Acacia
      Acacia verticillata subsp. verticillata
    †Acacia vestita , weeping boree
      Acacia victoriae > , elegant wattle, prickly wattle, gundabluie, Gundabluey, Bramble wattle, Alupa
      Acacia victoriae subsp. arida , elegant wattle, prickly wattle
      Acacia victoriae subsp. victoriae , elegant wattle, prickly wattle
      Acacia viscidula , sticky wattle
      Acacia wilhelmiana , Wilhemi's wattle, dwarf nealie, mist wattle
      Acacia williamsiana , a wattle
    †Acacia williamsonii , Whirrakee wattle
      Acacia wollarensis , Wollar Wattle
      Acacia yalwalensis , Yalwal Wattle
      Aenictophyton anomalum
      Aeschynomene brevifolia
      Aeschynomene indica , Budda Pea
    *Alhagi maurorum , Camelthorn
    +Almaleea cambagei
      Almaleea capitata , Slender Parrot-pea
      Almaleea incurvata
      Almaleea paludosa
      Almaleea subumbellata
    *Alysicarpus ovalifolius , Alyce Clover
      Aotus ericoides
      Aotus lanigera
      Aotus mollis
      Aotus subglauca >
      Aotus subglauca var. filiformis
      Aotus subglauca var. subglauca
      Aotus subspinescens
      Archidendron grandiflorum , Pink Lace Flower, Laceflower Tree, Tassel Tree, Fairy Paint Brushes
    +Archidendron hendersonii , White Lace Flower, Tulip Siris
      Archidendron muellerianum , Veiny Lace Flower, Small-flower Laceflower
    *Astragalus hamosus , Yellow Milk-vetch
    *Astragalus sesameus , Purple Milk-vetch
      Austrocallerya australis , Native Wisteria, Blunt Wisteria, Samson's Sinew
      Austrocallerya megasperma , Native Wisteria
      Austrosteenisia blackii > , Blood Vine
      Austrosteenisia blackii var. blackii , Blood Vine
      Austrosteenisia glabristyla , Giant Blood Vine
    +Bossiaea bombayensis
      Bossiaea bracteosa
      Bossiaea buxifolia
      Bossiaea cinerea
      Bossiaea concolor
      Bossiaea cordifolia
      Bossiaea dasycarpa
      Bossiaea distichoclada
      Bossiaea ensata , Sword Bossiaea
      Bossiaea foliosa , Leafy Bossiaea
    +Bossiaea fragrans
      Bossiaea grayi
      Bossiaea heterophylla , Variable Bossiaea
      Bossiaea kiamensis
      Bossiaea lenticularis
      Bossiaea milesiae
      Bossiaea neoanglica
      Bossiaea nummularia
      Bossiaea obcordata , Spiny Bossiaea
      Bossiaea obovata
    +Bossiaea oligosperma
      Bossiaea prostrata
      Bossiaea rhombifolia
      Bossiaea riparia
      Bossiaea rupicola
      Bossiaea scolopendria
      Bossiaea scortechinii
      Bossiaea sericea
      Bossiaea stephensonii
      Bossiaea walkeri , cactus bossiaea, cactus pea
    +Caesalpinia bonduc , Nicker Bean
    *Caesalpinia decapetala , Thorny Poinciana, Wait-a-while
    *Caesalpinia gilliesii , Bird-of-Paradise Shrub
    *Caesalpinia major , Yellow Nicker Bean
      Caesalpinia scortechinii , Large Prickle-vine, Wait-a-while
      Caesalpinia subtropica , Corky Prickle-vine
    *Cajanus cajan , Pigeon Pea
      Canavalia rosea , Coastal Jack Bean
    +Carmichaelia exsul
    +Cassia marksiana , Mark’s Cassia
      Castanospermum australe , black bean, Moreton Bay chestnut
    *Ceratonia siliqua , Carob, St Johns Bread, Locust-bean
      Chamaecrista biddulphiana
    *Chamaecrista fasciculata var. fasciculata , Patridga Pea
      Chamaecrista maritima
      Chamaecrista nomame >
      Chamaecrista nomame var. nomame
    *Chamaecrista rotundifolia >
    *Chamaecrista rotundifolia var. rotundifolia
    *Chamaecytisus palmensis , Tagasaste, Tree Lucerne
      Chorizema parviflorum , Eastern Flame Pea
    *Crotalaria agatiflora >
    *Crotalaria agatiflora subsp. agatiflora
    *Crotalaria beddomeana
      Crotalaria brevis
    +Crotalaria cunninghamii > , Green Bird Flower
    +Crotalaria cunninghamii subsp. sturtii , Parrot Pea
      Crotalaria dissitiflora > , Grey Rattlepod
      Crotalaria dissitiflora subsp. dissitiflora , Grey Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria distans >
    *Crotalaria distans subsp. macaulayae
    *Crotalaria distans subsp. mediocris
      Crotalaria eremaea > , Bluebush Pea
      Crotalaria eremaea subsp. eremaea , Bluebush Pea
    *Crotalaria goreensis , Gambia Pea
    *Crotalaria grahamiana
    *Crotalaria incana > , Woolly Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria incana subsp. incana , Wooly Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria incana subsp. purpurascens
    *Crotalaria juncea , Sunhemp
    *Crotalaria lanceolata >
    †Crotalaria lanceolata subsp. lanceolata
      Crotalaria medicaginea > , Trefoil Rattlepod
      Crotalaria medicaginea var. neglecta , Trefoil Rattlepod
      Crotalaria mitchellii > , Yellow Rattlepod
      Crotalaria mitchellii subsp. laevis
      Crotalaria mitchellii subsp. mitchellii , Yellow Rattlepod
      Crotalaria montana >
      Crotalaria montana var. angustifolia
    *Crotalaria pallida > , Streaked Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria pallida var. obovata , Streaked Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria retusa
      Crotalaria smithiana
    *Crotalaria spectabilis , Showy Rattlepod
    *Crotalaria trichotoma
    *Crotalaria virgulata
    *Crotalaria virgulata subsp. grantiana
      Cullen australasicum , Native Scurf-pea, Native Verbine
      Cullen cinereum , Hoary Scurf-pea, Annual Verbine
      Cullen discolor , Grey Scurf-pea
      Cullen graveolens , Native Lucerne
      Cullen microcephalum , Dusky Scurf-pea, Mountain Psoralea
      Cullen pallidum , Woolly Scurf-pea, Woolly Psoralea
    +Cullen parvum , Small Scurf-pea
      Cullen patens , Spreading Scurf-pea, Native Verbine
      Cullen tenax , Tough Scurf-pea, Emu-foot, Emu Grass
    *Cytisus scoparius > , Scotch Broom, Broom, English Broom
    *Cytisus scoparius subsp. scoparius , Scotch Broom, Broom, English Broom
      Daviesia acicularis
      Daviesia alata
      Daviesia arborea
      Daviesia arenaria
      Daviesia benthamii >
      Daviesia benthamii subsp. humilis
      Daviesia buxifolia , Box-leaf Bitter-pea
      Daviesia corymbosa
      Daviesia elliptica
      Daviesia genistifolia , Broom Bitter Pea
      Daviesia latifolia , Hop Bitter-pea
      Daviesia leptophylla
      Daviesia mimosoides >
      Daviesia mimosoides subsp. acris
      Daviesia mimosoides subsp. mimosoides
      Daviesia nova-anglica
      Daviesia pubigera
      Daviesia squarrosa
      Daviesia suaveolens
      Daviesia ulicifolia > , Gorse Bitter Pea
      Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. aridicola
      Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. pilligensis
      Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. ruscifolia
      Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. stenophylla
      Daviesia ulicifolia subsp. ulicifolia , Gorse Bitter Pea
      Daviesia umbellulata
      Daviesia villifera
      Daviesia wyattiana , Long-leaf Bitter-pea
    *Delonix regia , Royal Poinciana, Flamboyant
      Derris involuta , native derris, fish poison vine
    *Desmanthus virgatus , Dwarf koa
    +Desmodiopsis campylocaulon , Creeping Tick-trefoil
    *Desmodium intortum , Green-leaved Desmodium
      Desmodium rhytidophyllum
    *Desmodium uncinatum , Silver-leaved Desmodium, Spanish Tick-clover
      Desmodium varians , Slender Tick-trefoil
      Dillwynia acicularis
      Dillwynia brunioides
      Dillwynia cinerascens
      Dillwynia crispii
      Dillwynia elegans
      Dillwynia floribunda
      Dillwynia glaberrima
    +Dillwynia glaucula
      Dillwynia hispida
      Dillwynia juniperina
      Dillwynia palustris
      Dillwynia parvifolia
      Dillwynia phylicoides
      Dillwynia prostrata , Matted Parrot-pea
      Dillwynia ramosissima
      Dillwynia retorta
      Dillwynia retorta (J.C.Wendl.) Druce species complex
      Dillwynia rudis
      Dillwynia rupestris
      Dillwynia sericea > , Showy Parrot-pea
      Dillwynia sericea subsp. Glabriflora (H. Salasoo 3936)
      Dillwynia sericea subsp. Yetman (R.G.Coveny 14478)
      Dillwynia sieberi
      Dillwynia sp. Barren Grounds (Chadwick s.n. NSW 39509)
      Dillwynia sp. Ebor (P.C.Jobson 5318 & S.A.Mills)
      Dillwynia sp. Trichopoda (J.H.Maiden & J.L.Boorman s.n. 40290)
      Dillwynia sp. Yetholme (P.C.Jobson 5080)
      Dillwynia stipulifera
    +Dillwynia tenuifolia
    *Dipogon lignosus , Dolichos Pea
    *Erythrina crista-galli , Cockspur Coral Tree
      Erythrina numerosa , Pine Mountain Coral Tree
      Erythrina vespertilio , Bat-Wing Coral Tree
    *Erythrina x sykesii , Coral Tree
      Eutaxia diffusa
      Eutaxia microphylla
      Fabaceae - Faboideae >
      Galactia tenuiflora >
      Galactia tenuiflora var. lucida
      Galactia tenuiflora var. villosa
    *Genista linifolia , Flaxleaf Broom
    *Genista monspessulana , Montpellier Broom
    *Genista stenopetala , Madeira Broom
    *Genista tinctoria
    *Gleditsia triacanthos , Honey Locust
      Glycine canescens , Silky Glycine, Silky Glycine
      Glycine clandestina
      Glycine cyrtoloba
      Glycine latifolia
      Glycine microphylla , Small-leaf glycine
      Glycine pacifica
      Glycine rubiginosa
      Glycine stenophita
      Glycine tabacina
      Glycine tomentella , Woolly Glycine
      Glycyrrhiza acanthocarpa , Native Liquorice
    *Glycyrrhiza glabra , Liquorice
      Gompholobium aspalathoides
      Gompholobium foliolosum , Fern-leaved Burtonia
      Gompholobium glabratum , Dainty Wedge Pea
      Gompholobium grandiflorum , large wedge pea
      Gompholobium huegelii , Pale Wedge Pea
      Gompholobium inconspicuum
      Gompholobium latifolium , Golden Glory Pea
      Gompholobium minus , Dwarf Wedge Pea
      Gompholobium pinnatum , Pinnate Wedge Pea
      Gompholobium uncinatum , Red Wedge Pea
      Gompholobium virgatum , Leafy Wedge Pea
      Goodia lotifolia , golden tip, clover tree
      Goodia macrocarpa
      Goodia medicaginea
      Goodia pubescens
      Grona heterocarpa >
      Grona heterocarpa var. heterocarpa
      Grona nemorosa
    *Hardenbergia comptoniana
      Hardenbergia violacea , Purple Coral Pea, False Sarsaparilla, Waraburra
    *Hoffmannseggia glauca
      Hovea acutifolia
      Hovea apiculata
      Hovea asperifolia >
      Hovea asperifolia subsp. asperifolia
      Hovea cymbiformis
      Hovea graniticola
      Hovea heterophylla
      Hovea impressinerva
      Hovea lanceolata
      Hovea linearis
      Hovea longifolia , Rusty Pods
      Hovea longipes
      Hovea lorata
      Hovea montana
      Hovea pannosa
      Hovea pedunculata
      Hovea purpurea
      Hovea ramulosa
      Hovea rosmarinifolia
      Hovea similis
      Hovea speciosa
      Indigofera adesmiifolia , Tick Indigo
      Indigofera australis > , Australian indigo, duwabili (D'harawal)
      Indigofera australis subsp. australis , Australian Indigo, Duwabili (D'harawal)
    +Indigofera baileyi
      Indigofera brevidens
      Indigofera colutea , Sticky Indigo
      Indigofera coronillifolia
    *Indigofera decora , Chinese Indigo, Poor Man's Wisteria
    +Indigofera efoliata
    +Indigofera helmsii
      Indigofera hirsuta , Hairy Indigo
    +Indigofera leucotricha
      Indigofera linifolia
      Indigofera linnaei , Birdsville Indigo
    +Indigofera longibractea
      Indigofera psammophila
    *Indigofera spicata , Creeping Indigo
    *Indigofera suffruticosa , Anil Indigo, Anil
      Indigofera triflora
      Isotropis foliosa
      Isotropis wheeleri , Wheeler's Lamb-poison
      Jacksonia chappilliae
      Jacksonia rhadinoclona
      Jacksonia scoparia , Winged Broom-pea, Dogwood
      Jacksonia stackhousei , Wallum Dogwood
      Kennedia procurrens , Purple Running Pea
      Kennedia prostrata , Running Postman, Scarlet Coral Pea
    +Kennedia retrorsa
      Kennedia rubicunda , Dusky Coral Pea
    *Kummerowia striata , Japanese Clover
    *Lablab purpureus , Indian Bean
    *Lathyrus angulatus , Angular Pea, Slender Wild Pea
    *Lathyrus latifolius , Perennial Pea, Everlasting Pea, Everlasting Sweetpea
    *Lathyrus tingitanus , Tangier Pea
      Lespedeza juncea >
      Lespedeza juncea subsp. sericea
    *Lessertia frutescens , Cancer Bush, Bladder Senna
    *Leucaena leucocephala , Lead Tree, Coffee Bush
    *Lotononis bainesii
    *Lotus angustissimus , Slender Birds-foot Trefoil
      Lotus australis , Australian Trefoil
    *Lotus corniculatus , Birds-foot Trefoil
      Lotus cruentus , Red-flowered Lotus
    *Lotus preslii , Trefoil
    *Lotus subbiflorus , Hairy Birds-foot Trefoil
    *Lotus tetragonolobus , Winged Pea
    *Lotus uliginosus , Birds-foot Trefoil
    *Lupinus angustifolius , Narrow-leaved Lupin
    *Lupinus cosentinii , Sandplain Lupin
    *Lupinus luteus , Yellow Lupin
    *Lupinus pilosus
    *Lupinus polyphyllus , Large-leaf Lupin
      Lysiphyllum carronii , Queensland Ebony
      Lysiphyllum gilvum
    *Macroptilium atropurpureum , Siratro
    *Macroptilium lathyroides , Phasey Bean
      Macrotyloma uniflorum
    *Medicago arabica , Spotted Burr Medic
    *Medicago intertexta , Calvary Medic
    *Medicago italica
    *Medicago laciniata , Cut-leaved Medic
    *Medicago lupulina , Black Medic
    *Medicago minima , Woolly Burr Medic
    *Medicago orbicularis , Button Medic
    *Medicago polymorpha , Burr Medic
    *Medicago praecox , Small-leaved Burr Medic
    *Medicago sativa , Lucerne, Alfalfa
    *Medicago scutellata , snail medick, shield medick
    *Medicago truncatula , Barrel Medic
    *Melilotus albus , Bokhara
    *Melilotus indicus , Hexham Scent
    *Melilotus officinalis , Common Melilot
    †Melilotus siculus , Messinia, Mediterranean Melilot
    *Mimosa pudica > , Common Sensitive Plant
    *Mimosa pudica var. hispida , Common Sensitive Plant
      Mirbelia baueri
      Mirbelia confertiflora
      Mirbelia oxylobioides , Mountain mirbelia
      Mirbelia platylobioides
      Mirbelia pungens , Prickly Mirbelia
      Mirbelia rubiifolia , Heathy Mirbelia
      Mirbelia speciosa >
      Mirbelia speciosa subsp. ringrosei
      Mirbelia speciosa subsp. speciosa
      Mucuna gigantea > , Burny Bean
      Mucuna gigantea subsp. gigantea , Burny Bean
      Muelleranthus stipularis , Sand Pea
      Muelleranthus trifoliatus , Spinifex Pea
    *Neonotonia wightii , Perennial Soybean
      Neptunia dimorphantha , Sensitive Plant
      Neptunia gracilis > , Native Sensitive Plant
      Neptunia gracilis f. gracilis , Sensitive Plant
    *Onobrychis viciifolia , Sainfoin
    *Ornithopus compressus , Yellow Serradella
    *Ornithopus pinnatus , Slender Serradella
    *Ornithopus sativus , French Serradella
      Oxylobium arborescens , Tall Shaggy Pea
      Oxylobium cordifolium , Heart-leaved Shaggy Pea
      Oxylobium ellipticum , Common Shaggy Pea
      Oxylobium pulteneae , Wiry Shaggy Pea
      Oxylobium robustum , Tree Shaggy Pea
      Oxytes brachypoda , Large Tick-trefoil
      Pararchidendron pruinosum > , Snow Wood
      Pararchidendron pruinosum var. pruinosum , Snow Wood, Stinkwood, Malla Waundie, Talingora
    *Paraserianthes lophantha > , Cape Leeuwin Wattle, Swamp Wattle, Crested Wattle
    *Paraserianthes lophantha subsp. lophantha , Crested Wattle
    *Parkinsonia aculeata , Jerusalem Thorn, Mexican Palo Verde
    +Pedleya acanthoclada , Thorny Pea
      Petalostylis labicheoides , Butterfly Bush
      Phyllota grandiflora , Heath Phyllota
    +Phyllota humifusa , Dwarf Phyllota
      Phyllota phylicoides , Heath Phyllota
      Phyllota squarrosa , Dense Phyllota
    *Pisum sativum > , Pea, Field Pea
    *Pisum sativum var. arvense , Field Pea, Partridge Pea
      Platylobium formosum , Handsome Flat Pea
      Platylobium formosum subsp. formosum
      Platylobium montanum subsp. montanum
      Platylobium parviflorum
      Pleurolobus gangeticus
      Podolobium aciculiferum , Needle Shaggy Pea
      Podolobium aestivum
      Podolobium alpestre , Alpine Shaggy Pea
      Podolobium ilicifolium , Prickly Shaggy Pea
      Podolobium procumbens , Trailing Shaggy Pea
      Podolobium scandens , Netted Shaggy Pea
    *Prosopis glandulosa > , Mesquite, Honey Mesquite
    *Prosopis glandulosa var. glandulosa , Honey Mesquite
    *Prosopis pallida , Algaroba
    *Prosopis velutina , Velvet Mesquite, Quilpie Mesquite
    *Psoralea arborea
    *Psoralea pinnata , African Scurf-pea
    *Pueraria lobata , Kudzu
      Pullenia gunnii , Slender tick trefoil
      Pultenaea alea
      Pultenaea altissima , Tall Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea aristata , Bearded Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea baeuerlenii
      Pultenaea benthamii , Bentham's Bush-pea
      Pultenaea blakelyi
      Pultenaea canescens , Plumed Bush-pea
      Pultenaea capitellata , Hard-head Bush-pea
      Pultenaea cinerascens
      Pultenaea cuneata
      Pultenaea daphnoides , Large-leaf Bush-pea
      Pultenaea dentata , Clustered Bush-pea
      Pultenaea divaricata
      Pultenaea echinula , Curved Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea elusa
      Pultenaea euchila , Orange Pultenaea
      Pultenaea fasciculata , Bundled Bush-pea
      Pultenaea ferruginea , Large Bronze Bush-pea
      Pultenaea flexilis , Graceful Bush-pea
      Pultenaea foliolosa , Small-leaf Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea glabra , Smooth Bush-pea
      Pultenaea gunnii > , Golden Bush-pea
      Pultenaea hartmannii
      Pultenaea hispidula
    +Pultenaea humilis , Dwarf bush pea
      Pultenaea juniperina , Prickly Bush-pea
      Pultenaea largiflorens
      Pultenaea laxiflora
      Pultenaea linophylla
    +Pultenaea maritima , Coastal Bush-pea
      Pultenaea microphylla
      Pultenaea mollis , Guinea flower bush pea, Soft Bush-pea
      Pultenaea myrtoides
      Pultenaea paleacea , Chaffy Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea parrisiae , Bantam Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea parviflora , Sydney Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea pedunculata , Matted Bush-pea
      Pultenaea petiolaris , Woolly Bush-pea
      Pultenaea platyphylla
      Pultenaea polifolia , Dusky Bush-pea
      Pultenaea procumbens , Heathy Bush-pea
      Pultenaea pycnocephala
      Pultenaea retusa , Notched Bush-pea
      Pultenaea robusta
      Pultenaea rodwayi
      Pultenaea rosmarinifolia
      Pultenaea rostrata
      Pultenaea scabra , Rough Bush-pea
      Pultenaea sericea , Chaffy bush pea
    +Pultenaea setulosa , Stony Bush-pea
    +Pultenaea sp. Genowlan Point (NSW 417813)
    +Pultenaea sp. Olinda (R.Coveny 6616)
      Pultenaea spinosa , Spiny Bush-pea, Grey Bush-pea
      Pultenaea stipularis , Handsome Bush-pea
      Pultenaea subspicata , Low Bush-pea
      Pultenaea tarik
      Pultenaea tuberculata , wreath bush-pea
      Pultenaea villifera >
      Pultenaea villifera var. villifera
      Pultenaea villosa , Hairy Bush-pea
      Pultenaea vrolandii
    +Rhynchosia acuminatissima
      Rhynchosia australis , Native Rock Trefoil
      Rhynchosia minima
    *Robinia pseudoacacia , Black Locust
    *Scorpiurus muricatus
    *Securigera varia
    +Senna acclinis , Rainforest Senna
      Senna aciphylla , Sprawling Cassia
      Senna artemisioides group > , Silver Cassia
      Senna artemisioides subsp. alicia
      Senna artemisioides subsp. filifolia
      Senna artemisioides subsp. helmsii
      Senna artemisioides subsp. x artemisioides , Silver Cassia
      Senna artemisioides subsp. x coriacea
      Senna artemisioides subsp. x petiolaris , Woody Cassia
      Senna artemisioides subsp. x sturtii
      Senna artemisioides subsp. zygophylla
      Senna barclayana , Smooth Senna, Pepper-leaf Senna
      Senna barronfieldii
      Senna circinnata , Coiled Cassia
      Senna clavigera
      Senna coronilloides
    *Senna didymobotrya
      Senna glutinosa >
      Senna glutinosa subsp. pruinosa
    *Senna multiglandulosa
    *Senna multijuga , false sicklepod
      Senna notabilis , Cockroach Bush
    *Senna occidentalis , Coffee Senna, Styptic Weed
    *Senna pendula >
    *Senna pendula var. glabrata
      Senna phyllodinea
      Senna pleurocarpa > , Fire bush
      Senna pleurocarpa var. pleurocarpa , Fire Bush
    *Senna septemtrionalis , Arsenic Bush
      Sesbania cannabina > , Sesbania Pea
      Sesbania cannabina var. cannabina , Yellow Pea-bush, Sesbania Pea
    +Sophora fraseri
      Sophora howinsula , Lignum Vitae
    +Sophora tomentosa > , Silver Bush
    +Sophora tomentosa subsp. australis
    *Spartium junceum , Spanish Broom
      Sphaerolobium minus
      Sphaerolobium vimineum , Leafless Globe-pea
    *Stylosanthes guianensis var. guianensis
    *Stylosanthes humilis
    +Swainsona adenophylla , Violet Swainson-pea, Violet Darling Pea
      Swainsona affinis , Common Poison Pea
      Swainsona behriana , Behr's Swainson-pea
      Swainsona brachycarpa , Slender Swainson-pea
      Swainsona bracteata
      Swainsona burkittii , Woolly Darling Pea
      Swainsona cadellii
      Swainsona campylantha
    +Swainsona colutoides , Bladder Senna, Bladder Vetch
      Swainsona extrajacens
      Swainsona fissimontana , Broken Hill Pea
    +Swainsona flavicarinata , Hoary Darling Pea
      Swainsona formosa , Sturt's Desert Pea, Sturt Pea
      Swainsona fraseri
      Swainsona galegifolia , Smooth Darling-pea, Smooth Darling Pea
      Swainsona greyana , Hairy Darling-pea, Darling Pea
      Swainsona laxa , Skeleton Pea
      Swainsona luteola , Dwarf Darling-pea
      Swainsona microphylla , Poison Swainson-pea
      Swainsona monticola , Notched Swainson-pea
    +Swainsona murrayana , Slender Darling-pea, Slender Darling Pea
      Swainsona oligophylla
      Swainsona oliveri
      Swainsona oroboides , Kneed Darling Pea
      Swainsona parviflora
      Swainsona phacoides , Dwarf Swainson-pea, Lilac Darling Pea
    +Swainsona plagiotropis , Red Swainson-pea
      Swainsona procumbens , Broughton Pea, Swamp Pea
      Swainsona purpurea , Purple Swainson-pea, Purple Darling Pea
    +Swainsona pyrophila , Yellow Swainson-pea, Yellow Darling Pea
      Swainsona queenslandica , Smooth Darling Pea
    +Swainsona recta , Mountain Swainson-pea, Small Purple Pea
      Swainsona reticulata , Kneed Swainson-pea
    +Swainsona sericea , Silky Swainson-pea, Silky Pea
      Swainsona similis
      Swainsona stipularis , Orange Darling Pea
      Swainsona swainsonioides , Downy Swainson-pea, Downy Darling Pea
    +Swainsona viridis , Creeping Darling Pea
      Templetonia aculeata , Spiny Mallee Pea
      Templetonia egena , Desert Broombush
      Templetonia stenophylla , Leafy Templetonia
      Templetonia sulcata , Flat Mallee Pea
      Tephrosia bidwillii
      Tephrosia brachyodon
    +Tephrosia filipes
    *Tephrosia glomeruliflora
    *Tephrosia grandiflora
    *Tephrosia inandensis
      Tephrosia rufula
      Tephrosia sphaerospora
      Tephrosia supina
    *Trifolium alexandrinum , Berseem Clover
    *Trifolium ambiguum , Kura, Pellett Clover
    *Trifolium angustifolium , Narrow-leaved Clover
    *Trifolium arvense , Haresfoot Clover
    *Trifolium campestre , Hop Clover
    *Trifolium cernuum
    *Trifolium dubium , Yellow Suckling Clover
    *Trifolium fragiferum , Strawberry Clover
    *Trifolium globosum , Globe Clover
    *Trifolium glomeratum , Clustered Clover
    *Trifolium hirtum , Rose Clover
    *Trifolium hybridum , Alsike Clover
    *Trifolium incarnatum , Crimson Clover
    *Trifolium ornithopodioides , Birds-foot Trefoil
    *Trifolium pratense , Red Clover
    *Trifolium repens , White Clover
    *Trifolium resupinatum , Shaftal Clover
    *Trifolium scabrum , Rough Clover
    *Trifolium striatum , Knotted Clover
    *Trifolium subterraneum , Subterranean Clover
    *Trifolium suffocatum , Suffocated Clover
    *Trifolium tomentosum , Woolly Clover
    *Trifolium vesiculosum
      Trigonella suavissima , Coopers Clover
    *Ulex europaeus , Furze, Gorse
      Uraria lagopodioides , Velcro Pea
      Vachellia farnesiana , mimosa bush, cassie, cassie flower, Farnese wattle, thorny acacia, yellow mimosa, briar bush, dead finish, downs mimosa, false mesquite, mimosa wattle, needle bush, perfumed wattle, prickly mimosa bush, sponge flower
    *Vicia disperma
      Vicia faba , Broad Bean, Field Bean
    *Vicia hirsuta , Hairy Vetch
    *Vicia monantha > , Square-stemmed Vetch
    *Vicia monantha subsp. monantha , Square-stemmed Vetch
    *Vicia monantha subsp. triflora
    *Vicia sativa >
    *Vicia sativa subsp. cordata
    *Vicia sativa subsp. nigra , Narrow-leaved Vetch
    *Vicia sativa subsp. sativa , Common Vetch
    *Vicia tetrasperma , Slender Vetch
    *Vicia villosa > , Russian Vetch
    *Vicia villosa subsp. eriocarpa , Russian Vetch
    *Vicia villosa subsp. villosa , Russian Vetch
      Vigna lanceolata > , Maloga Bean, Native Bean
      Vigna lanceolata var. filiformis
      Vigna lanceolata var. lanceolata , Maloga Bean
      Vigna lanceolata var. latifolia
      Vigna luteola , Dalrymple Vigna
      Vigna marina , Dune Bean
    *Vigna racemosa
    *Vigna radiata > , Mung Bean
      Vigna radiata var. sublobata , Mung Bean
      Vigna vexillata > , Wild Cow Pea
      Vigna vexillata var. angustifolia , Wild Cow Pea
      Vigna vexillata var. youngiana
      Viminaria juncea , Golden spray, Native Broom
    *Wisteria sinensis , Chinese Wisteria, Zi Teng
      Zornia dyctiocarpa > , Zornia
      Zornia dyctiocarpa var. dyctiocarpa , Zornia
      Zornia floribunda
      Zornia muriculata >
      Zornia muriculata subsp. angustata

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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