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Search terms: Rhamnaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

      Alphitonia excelsa , Red Ash
      Alphitonia petriei , White Ash
      Cryptandra amara , Bitter cryptandra
      Cryptandra armata
      Cryptandra ericoides , Heathy Cryptandra
      Cryptandra lanosiflora , Wooly Cryptandra
      Cryptandra longistaminea
      Cryptandra propinqua
      Cryptandra sp. Floriferous (W.R.Barker 4131)
      Cryptandra spinescens
    +Discaria nitida , Shining Anchor Plant
      Discaria pubescens , Hairy anchor plant, Australian Anchor Plant
      Emmenosperma alphitonioides , bonewood, yellow ash
    *Hovenia dulcis , Japanese Raisin Tree
    +Pomaderris adnata , Sublime Point Pomaderris
      Pomaderris andromedifolia >
      Pomaderris andromedifolia f. 'andromedifolia'
      Pomaderris andromedifolia f. 'narrow-leaved'
      Pomaderris andromedifolia f. 'small-leaved'
      Pomaderris andromedifolia subsp. andromedifolia
      Pomaderris andromedifolia subsp. confusa
      Pomaderris angustifolia
      Pomaderris argyrophylla , Silver Pomaderris
      Pomaderris aspera , Hazel Pomaderris
      Pomaderris betulina > , Birch Pomaderris
      Pomaderris betulina subsp. actensis
      Pomaderris betulina subsp. betulina
    +Pomaderris bodalla
      Pomaderris brogoensis
    +Pomaderris brunnea , Rufous Pomaderris
      Pomaderris cinerea
    +Pomaderris cocoparrana
      Pomaderris costata
    +Pomaderris cotoneaster , Cotoneaster Pomaderris
      Pomaderris crassifolia
    +Pomaderris delicata
      Pomaderris discolor
    +Pomaderris elachophylla , Small leaf pomaderris, Lacy Pomaderris
      Pomaderris elliptica >
      Pomaderris elliptica var. elliptica
      Pomaderris eriocephala
      Pomaderris ferruginea , Rusty Pomaderris
      Pomaderris gilmourii >
    +Pomaderris gilmourii var. cana
      Pomaderris gilmourii var. gilmourii
      Pomaderris graniticola
      Pomaderris helianthemifolia >
      Pomaderris helianthemifolia subsp. hispida
      Pomaderris intermedia
      Pomaderris lanigera , Woolly Pomaderris
      Pomaderris ledifolia , Sydney Pomaderris
      Pomaderris ligustrina > , Privet Pomaderris
      Pomaderris ligustrina subsp. latifolia
      Pomaderris ligustrina subsp. ligustrina
      Pomaderris mediora
      Pomaderris nitidula , Shining Pomaderris
    +Pomaderris notata
    +Pomaderris pallida , Pale Pomaderris
      Pomaderris paniculosa >
    +Pomaderris paniculosa subsp. paniculosa , Inland Pomaderris
    +Pomaderris parrisiae
      Pomaderris pauciflora
      Pomaderris phylicifolia > , Narrow-leaf Pomaderris
      Pomaderris phylicifolia subsp. ericoides
      Pomaderris phylicifolia subsp. phylicifolia
      Pomaderris pilifera
      Pomaderris precaria
      Pomaderris prunifolia > , Plum-leaf Pomaderris
      Pomaderris prunifolia var. prunifolia
    +Pomaderris queenslandica , scant pomaderris
    +Pomaderris reperta , Denman Pomaderris
    +Pomaderris sericea , Bent Pomaderris
      Pomaderris subcapitata
      Pomaderris vellea , Woolly Pomaderris
      Pomaderris velutina , Velvety Pomaderris
      Pomaderris virgata , Upright Pomaderris
      Pomaderris viridis
    +Pomaderris walshii
    *Rhamnus alaternus , Buckthorn
      Spyridium burragorang
      Spyridium buxifolium
      Spyridium cinereum , Tiny Spyridium
      Spyridium eriocephalum , Heath Spyridium
      Spyridium parvifolium , Dusty Miller
      Spyridium scortechinii
      Stenanthemum leucophractum
      Ventilago viminalis , supplejack, vine tree

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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