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Search terms: Sapindaceae
Distribution N.S.W.

    *Acer negundo , Box-elder Maple, Box Elder, Ash-leaved Maple
    *Acer pseudoplatanus , Sycamore Maple, False Plane-tree, Great Maple, Mock-plane, Scottish Maple, Celtic Maple
    *Aesculus indica
      Alectryon coriaceus , Beach Alectryon, Beach Birds Eye
      Alectryon diversifolius , Scrub Boonaree, Holly Bush
      Alectryon forsythii
      Alectryon oleifolius > , Western Rosewood, Bonaree
      Alectryon oleifolius subsp. canescens , Western Rosewood, Boonaree
      Alectryon oleifolius subsp. elongatus , Western Rosewood, Boonaree
      Alectryon subcinereus , native quince, wild quince, bird's eye
      Alectryon subdentatus >
      Alectryon subdentatus f. subdentatus
      Alectryon tomentosus , Hairy Bird's Eye, Bed-jacket
      Arytera distylis , Twin-leaved Coogera
      Arytera divaricata , Coogera, Rose Tamarind
      Atalaya hemiglauca , Whitewood
      Atalaya multiflora , broad leaved whitewood
      Atalaya salicifolia
    *Cardiospermum grandiflorum , Balloon Vine
    *Cardiospermum halicacabum > , Balloon Vine
    *Cardiospermum halicacabum var. halicacabum , Balloon Vine
      Castanospora alphandii , Brown Tamarind
      Cupaniopsis anacardioides , tuckeroo
      Cupaniopsis baileyana
      Cupaniopsis flagelliformis > , Brown Tuckeroo
      Cupaniopsis flagelliformis var. australis
      Cupaniopsis newmanii , long-leaved tuckeroo
      Cupaniopsis parvifolia , Small-leaved Tuckeroo
    +Cupaniopsis serrata , Smooth Tuckeroo
      Diploglottis australis , native tamarind
    +Diploglottis campbellii , Small-leaved Tamarind
      Dodonaea boroniifolia , Fern-leaf Hop-bush
      Dodonaea bursariifolia
      Dodonaea camfieldii
      Dodonaea crucifolia
      Dodonaea falcata
      Dodonaea heteromorpha , Maple-fruited Hop-bush
      Dodonaea hirsuta
      Dodonaea lanceolata
      Dodonaea lobulata
      Dodonaea macrossanii
      Dodonaea megazyga
      Dodonaea microzyga >
    +Dodonaea microzyga var. microzyga
      Dodonaea multijuga
      Dodonaea peduncularis
      Dodonaea petiolaris
      Dodonaea pinnata
    +Dodonaea procumbens , Trailing Hop-bush, Trailing Hop-bush
      Dodonaea rhombifolia , Broad-leaf Hop-bush
      Dodonaea serratifolia
      Dodonaea sinuolata >
    +Dodonaea sinuolata subsp. acrodentata
      Dodonaea sinuolata subsp. sinuolata
    +Dodonaea stenophylla
    +Dodonaea stenozyga
      Dodonaea triangularis
      Dodonaea triquetra , Large-leaf Hop-bush
      Dodonaea truncatiales , Angular Hop-bush
      Dodonaea viscosa > , Sticky Hop-bush
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustifolia , Sticky Hop-bush, Hop-bush
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. angustissima , Narrow-leaved Hopbush
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. burmanniana , Hopwood
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. cuneata , wedge-leaf hop-bush, sticky hopbush
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. mucronata
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. spatulata
      Dodonaea viscosa subsp. viscosa
      Elattostachys nervosa , beetroot tree, green tamarind
      Elattostachys xylocarpa , White Tamarind
      Guioa coriacea , Cedar
      Guioa semiglauca , Guioa
      Harpullia alata
      Harpullia hillii
      Harpullia pendula , tulipwood
      Jagera pseudorhus > , foam bark tree
      Jagera pseudorhus var. pseudorhus , foam bark tree
    +Lepiderema pulchella , Fine-leaved Tuckeroo
      Mischocarpus anodontus
      Mischocarpus australis
      Mischocarpus lachnocarpus , Woolly Pear-fruit
      Mischocarpus pyriformis , Yellow Pear-fruit
      Rhysotoechia bifoliolata >
      Rhysotoechia bifoliolata subsp. bifoliolata , Two-leaved Tuckeroo
      Sarcopteryx stipata , Steelwood, Corduroy
      Toechima dasyrrhache , Blunt-leaved Steelwood
      Toechima tenax , Brush Teak

* denotes an introduced species; † denotes both native and introduced; + denotes a threatened species.
     ">" indicates that infraspecific taxa are recognised within a species

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