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Genus Calocephalus Family Asteraceae

Description: Annual or perennial herbs or shrubs, hairy.

Leaves opposite and/or alternate, sessile, entire.

Heads compound, terminal; general involucre absent or consisting of a few leaf-like or partly hyaline bracts; general receptacle ± entire or branched, glabrous or hairy; bracts of partial heads 2- or 3-seriate, hyaline or scarious (except midrib), upper part of lamina often constricted and differently coloured from lower part, with or without long hairs. Florets 1–22 per head, tubular, bisexual, 5-toothed. Anthers tailed and with an apical appendage. Style branches truncate, with short hairs.

Achenes obovoid, ± glabrous to distinctly papillose; pappus of simple and/or plumose bristles or several narrow-linear scales.

Photo © ANBG

Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 14 species, endemic Australia. Australia: all States.

Text by E. A. Brown
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Calocephalus lacteus

 Key to the species 
1Florets 1–3 per partial head2
Florets 12–22 per partial headsCalocephalus platycephalus
2Leaves alternate; annuals; pappus with central region several cells wide and plumose throughout lengthCalocephalus sonderi
Leaves mostly opposite; perennials; pappus filamentous and plumose only at apex
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Calocephalus citreus

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