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Genus Homoranthus Family Myrtaceae

Description: Shrubs.

Leaves opposite, decussate, often laterally compressed, so that the leaf is thicker than wide, linear to terete to ± oblanceolate in side view.

Inflorescence consisting of single flowers in the upper leaf axils of undifferentiated shoots, or sometimes flowers condensed into a corymbose head or a 1–4-flowered axillary pseudoinflorescence; flowers enclosed by 2 bracteoles in bud, caducous or persisting until flower opens. Flowers 5-merous, yellow or white to orange or red. Hypanthium extending above the ovary; mostly 5-ribbed. Sepals undivided or with 2–12 slender laciniate lobes or projections. Stamens 10, alternating with 10 staminodes; anthers globose, opening by terminal pores. Ovary half-inferior, 1-locular, placentation basal, ovules 2–10; style projecting from flower, bearing a ring of hairs below stigma.

Fruit enclosed in hypanthium, only slightly enlarged from flower, indehiscent; seeds 1 or 2.

Distribution and occurrence: World: 31 spp., endemic Aust., Qld, N.S.W., S.A.

Text by G.J. Harden
Taxon concept: Key adapted from Copeland et al. 2011

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Homoranthus bebo,    Homoranthus biflorus,    Homoranthus binghiensis,    Homoranthus bruhlii,    Homoranthus cernuus,    Homoranthus croftianus,    Homoranthus darwinioides,    Homoranthus elusus,    Homoranthus flavescens,    Homoranthus floydii,    Homoranthus lunatus,    Homoranthus melanostictus,    Homoranthus prolixus,    Homoranthus virgatus

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