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Genus Macadamia Family Proteaceae

Description: Trees or tall shrubs.

Leaves whorled or rarely ± alternate, margins entire or toothed, scleromorphic, petiolate [or sessile]. Conflorescences raceme-like, terminal or axillary and sometimes ramiflorous; flowers in pairs, sessile.

Flowers actinomorphic. Perianth straight to ± curved; tepals separating and recurved in upper part at anthesis. Anthers on short filaments, connective produced into a short appendage. Hypogynous glands fused into a ring. Ovary sessile, hairy; ovules 2, laterally attached near top of fruit; style filiform, expanded apically into a ± ellipsoid pollen presenter.

Fruit a follicle, globose, with a thin mesocarp, tardily dehiscent; seed usually solitary and ± globose, or rarely paired and ± hemispherical.

Photo © ANBG

Distribution and occurrence: World: 9 species, Australia, Celebes. Australia: 7 species (endemic), Qld & N.S.W.

Two species are widely cultivated in Australia as well as in the Hawaiian Is and California for their edible kernels.(Macadamia Nuts)

Text by G. J. Harden
Taxon concept:

 Key to the species 
1Leaves mostly in whorls of 4, base very obtuse, more or less sessile or petioles less than 3 mm long; new growth reddishMacadamia tetraphylla
Leaves mostly in whorls of 3, base more or less narrow-cuneate, petiole more than 5 mm long; new growth pale greenMacadamia integrifolia

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