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Genus Teucrium Family Lamiaceae

Description: Perennial herb or shrub; branches 4-angular; hairs simple, rarely branched; sessile glands usually present.

Leaves opposite, simple or 3-foliolate, margins entire, toothed or lobed; sessile or petiolate.

Sepals 5, mostly regularly fused; lobes ± acute. Corolla 1-lipped, with upper lobe reduced; mostly white to cream-coloured. Stamens 4, fertile, usually greatly exserted; anthers 2-locular and strongly divergent. Ovary scarcely 4-lobed; style inserted near apex of ovary; stigma 2-fid.

Mericarps slightly keeled or ± smooth.


Distribution and occurrence: World: c. 300 species, cosmopolitan with the Mediterranean region as a centre of diversity. Australia: c. 13 species (endemic), all States.

Text by B. J. Conn
Taxon concept:

Taxa not yet included in identification key
Teucrium sp. A sensu Conn (1992),    Teucrium sp. D sensu Conn (1992)

 Key to the species 
1Leaves entire or with 1–4 irregular lobes, if or 3-foliolate then leaflets more or less linear and entire; plant hoary (except in T. corymbosum, but then plant green)2
Leaves toothed or deeply lobed almost to midrib; plant green3
2Leaves trifoliolateTeucrium albicaule
Leaves simple
                       Back to 1
Teucrium racemosum
3Leaves toothed4
Leaves deeply lobed
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4Leaves with base tapering or acute, never truncate or hastate; inflorescence branched, 3–10-flowers in each leaf axil; carpels hairy5
Leaves with base truncate to slightly hastate; inflorescence unbranched, flowers solitary in each bract axil; carpels glabrous, covered with sessile glands
                       Back to 3
Teucrium argutum
5Leaves with base tapering, lamina narrow-ovate; inflorescence, leaves and branches densely covered with short, mostly antrorse simple hairsTeucrium corymbosum
Leaves with base acute, lamina ovate; inflorescence, leaves and branches densely covered with long, spreading multicellular gland-tipped hairs
                       Back to 4
Teucrium species D
6Leaves with lamina lobes triangular, narrow-obovate, narrow-oblong, usually toothed and often lobed; branches covered with pedicellate glandsTeucrium species A
Leaves with lamina lobes mostly narrow-oblong to linear, entire; branches covered with irregularly branched and simple hairs
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Teucrium sessiliflorum

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